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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Albania: Official Eurovision 2009 Promo Video

Albania (Kejsi Tola): Official Carry me in your dreams Video

The first song of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest to be selected was back in December when Albania selected Kejsi Tola to represent the Land of Eagles with the song Me Merr Ne Enderr, This song has been recorded in English and will be presented in English in Moscow, in May.

The Albanian song Carry me in your dreams will be the sixth representative of Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest, originally entitles Më Merr Në Ëndërr, when the song won Festivali I Kenges, back in December 2008. The song was originally over three minutes, which is against the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, which states that no entry must be longer than three minutes in duration. It was later announced that the albanian entry would be translated into english for the 2009 contest, in May and the song would be called Carry me in your dreams.

Kejsi will be hoping to be the third Albanian representative to pass to the final from the Semi Final, following in the footsteps of 2004's Anjeza Shahini and 2008's Olta Boka.

The release of the Video for Carry me in your dreams is also the premier of the 'Eurovision version' of the song. Albania will be singing 16th in the second Semi Final on the 14th of May in Moscow, Russia. /esctoday/

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