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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Anjeza "Skllaveron" Meshkujt e Big Brother

Anjeza Arjoni Big Brother Albania 2
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Anjeza "skllaveron" meshkujt e BB

Duket se banorja me e re femer, e cila nuk ka as nje jave qe ka hyre ne shtepine e BB-se, eshte vene ne qender te vemendjes. Parukierja duket se ka fituar gjithe xhentilesen e meshkujve te shtepise. Ne fotot qe ju kemi sjelle, duket qarte qe ajo eshte e afruar me te gjithe meshkujt, te cilet, ndoshta, "jane velur" me vajzat qe kane qene pjese e lojes qe ne fillim.

Ajo qe eshte shqetesuar me shume nga futja e Anjezes ne shtepi, ka qene Adelajde, e cila ne nje bisede me Bjordin, kur ndodheshin vetem ne oborr, i ka thene atij se ai nuk mund te afrohet me te gjitha vajzat e shtepise, duke i permendur dhe rastin e Mesides, vajzen me te cilen Bjordi u afrua shume nje fare kohe.

E, megjithate, Bjordi nuk ka nguruar te afrohet me banoren me te re te shtepise, e cila kete here ka terhequr vemendjen e te gjitheve. Por, duket se shoqerine me te madhe ajo po e krijon me Adin, te cilit nuk ka nguruar t'i beje dhe disa sherbime parukerie, si ne rastin kur po i rregullonte thonjte.

Nese eshte me te vertete Anjeza e adhuruar nga meshkujt e shtepise, apo fakti qe afrohet me te gjithe eshte pjese e lojes se saj, kjo nuk dihet, sepse, duke pasur mundesine te studioje lojen nga jashte, Anjeza ndoshta ka shume mundesi qe kete ta perdore si taktike te sajen. /elona demollari/shekulli/26.03.09
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Anjeza "enslaves" Men of BB

It seems that the new female residents, which has neither a week that has entered the home of the WB, put the spotlight. Parukierja seems to have won all xhentilesen men's house. We have photos that you bring, it seems clear that it is approaching with all men, who, perhaps, "are velur" with girls who have been part of the game at the beginning.

What is more concerned with the introduction of Anjezes at home, has been Adelajde, which in a conversation with Bjordin when ndodheshin only in the yard, has told him that he can not approach with all the girls Station by and mentioned the case of Mesides, with which Bjordi daughter was afrua a little more time.

And, however, has not Bjordi reluctant to approach the banoren the new house, which this time has drawn the attention of everyone. But, it seems that the great society it is creating with Adin, which has not reluctant to make and some parukerie services, such as when nails are arranged.

If is indeed the god of men Anjeza Station, or the fact that it is all part of its game, it is not known, because, given the possibility to study the game from outside, Anjeza probably more to this that its use as a tactic.

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