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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Big Brother Albania 2: Surprize Per Ciftin e "Big Brother"

Arjoni dhe Anjeza Big Brother Albania 2
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Surprize per ciftin e “Big Brother”
18/04/09 21:43

Gjate spektaklit “Big Brother” kishte pergatitur nje surprize per dy nga banoret por , kjo surprize i perfshiu te gjithe banoret. Ato kane mundur te ndjekin nje film te shkurter “Arjoni me Anjezen”. Lidhja e tyre eshte ndjekur me shume vemendje nga publiku ,por jo vetem. Motra e Anjezes ka dashur te flase me Arjonin. Ajo e ka pyetur nese ndjenja eshte e vertete, apo eshte thjesht per spektakel. Ai ka deklaruar qe ndjenja qe ka ai per Anjezen eshte e vertete. Ajo i ka shprehur mbeshtetjen per lidhjen e tyre. Anjeza eshte emocionuar shume kur ka pare nga monitori takimin e Arjonit me te motren. Nje tjeter person qe ka dashur te flase per lidhjen e tyre ishte dhe motra e Arjonit e cila i ka dhene mbeshtetjen. Arjoni eshte perlotur nderkohe qe ka pare takimin e Anjezes me te motren.

Anjeza dhe Arjoni Anjeza dhe Arjoni Arjoni dh e Anjeza Arjoni dhe Anjeza

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Surprise for the couple of "Big Brother"
18/04/09 21:43

During spektaklit "Big Brother" had prepared a surprise for two of the residents, but it included a surprise of all residents. They could follow a short film "Arjoni with Anjezen. Linking them is followed more attention from the public, but not only. Anjezes sister wanted to talk to Arjonin. She asked if the feeling is true, or is just for spektakel. He stated that he has feelings for Anjezen is true. She has voiced support for their relationship. Anjeza is very emocionuar when the monitor is first meeting with Arjonit sister. Another person wanted to talk about their connection was and sister Arjonit which provided support. Arjoni is tearful while the first meeting of the sister Anjezes.

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