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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Big Brother Albania 3: NOMINIMET #1, 30 JANAR 2010

Big Brother Albania 3 Nominimet



Per te dymbedhjete banoret, kjo mbremje kishte edhe nje te vecante: ata do te benin nominimet e para. Te gjithe banoret shkuan me radhe ne dhomen e rrefimit, ku aty ka thene dy emra dhe argumenta se perse i kane zgjedhur keta banore, duke i dhene keshtu atyre nje mundesi per te lene ne mes lojen. Edhe pse e kane patur te veshtire, banoret kane thene emrat e dy kandidateve. Tre jane banoret te cilet jane te nominuar per kete jave: Valentina me shtate nominime, Graciela dhe Bertina me nga kater nominime secila. Arsyeja se perse Valentina mori me shume nominime ishte sepse banoret e tjere mendojne se Domenika ka qendruar nen hijen e saj e ndaj ata deshirojne qe ta njohin me mire ate duke larguar keshtu nenen e saj. Per keto tre banore sot fillon nje jave e re plot emocione dhe ankth se cila prej tyre do te lere shtepine javen e ardhshme e vendosur kjo gje prej publikut me ane te televotimit.

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First nominations

For the twelve residents, this evening was also a special: they would make the first nominations. All residents went to the time the confession room, where it said two names and arguments why i have chosen these people, giving them an opportunity to leave in the middle game. Although have been difficult, residents have said the names of two candidates. Three are residents who are nominated for this week: Valentina with seven nominations, Graciela and Bertina with four nominations each. The reason why Valentina was received more nominations for other residents think that Domenika has settled under its shadow over they want to know so well that removing her mother. For these three inhabitants today begins a new week full of excitement and anxiety which of them will leave home next week and decided this thing from the public through televotimit

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