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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Adela dhe Bjordi Nje Vit Dashurie

Nje vit dashurie per Bjordin dhe Adelen

Shen Valentini, pervec se eshte dita e te gjithe te dashuruarve, per Bjordin dhe Adelen, eshte dicka me shume, duke qene se pikerisht ne kete dite, nje vit me pare ne shtepine e Big Brother, filloi dashuria e tyre.

14 shkurti konsiderohet si ‘nje date zyrtare’ per lidhjen e tyre, pasi sic dihet ata u njohen qe kur nisi spektakli, ne fund te janarit te kaluar, por ne fillimet e qendrimit te tyre ne shtepi, nuk ia kishin shprehur akoma njeri-tjetrin hapur ndjenjat, natyrisht nese kishte te tilla ne ato momente.

Madje ne fillimet e tyre as nuk mund te mendohej se ata te dy do te mund te krijonin nje cift fiks e per me teper qe lidhja e tyre do te vazhdonte edhe pas spektaklit.

Fakti qe dy te rinjte vinin nga dy bote te ndryshme, ajo nga nje qytet i vogel me nje jete disi te trazuar, ai nga Italia me nje jete prej te riu perendimor, te linte shume pak shprese per te menduar se mes tyre mund te kishte nje marredhenie mirekuptimi, e aq me pak nje lidhje dashurie.

Por edhe vete formati i ketij spektakli ne fakt kerkon te sjelle jeten reale, por personazhet me sjelljet e tyre tentojne te jene sa me pak reale qe te jete e mundur, t’i turbullon disi idete, pasi nuk arrin te dallosh qarte kufirin qe e ndan realitetin nga shtirja, ate qe behet per shoe nga ajo qe behet me zemer, sepse ashtu e ndjen. Ka qene pikerisht ky dualizim idesh ne mendjen e secilit, qe ka sjelle aq dendur edhe ne media fenomenin Bjordi-Adela, ka sjelle pyetjen e perhershme, nese e duan me te vertete njeri-tjetrin dhe nese po, cfare kane gjetur kaq speciale, cfare te perbashket, cfare magjie i bashkon? Por sic thote nje shprehje e famshme, dashuria ka arsyet e zemres qe vetem zemra i di.

Mendohej qe Bjordi do t’i kthehej jetes se tij ne Itali e mbase, Adela nuk do te kthehej me ne Kavaje duke bere nje ndryshim ne jete e saj ashtu sic e enderronte, por ishte gati jashte imagjinates se shumekujt se ata te rinj e kishin marre shume seriozisht kete lidhje duke e konsideruar ate fatin e tyre me te madh, ate cmimin e vertete te “Big Brother”, shume me teper se popullariteti apo parate qe fiton triumfatori ne kete rast. Dhe ja ku jemi sot, nje vit me pas, dhe Adela me Bjordin jane perseri bashke, me te lumtur se kurre prane njeri-tjetrit, te bindur se fati ka qene me ta, qe edhe pse kaq radhe, rastesia ben mrekulli, packa se eshte e veshtire ta besosh. /panorama/13.02.2010/
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[[ translation by google:

A year of love for Bjordi and Adela

St. Valentine, except that is the day of all lovers, for bjordi and Adelen, is something more, since precisely in this day, a year ago in the Big Brother house, began their love.

14 February is regarded as 'an official date' for their connection, as known as they recognized that when the spectacle began in late January last year, but at the beginning of their stay at home, he had not expressed yet another man open feelings, of course if they had such moments.

Even in their early neither can be supposed that the two will be to create a fixed pair of for more that their connection will continue even after the spectacle.

The fact that two young people coming from two different world, it from a small town with a somewhat troubled life, he from Italy with a life of Western youth, to leave little hope to think that between them could have a relationship of understanding, much less a love connection.

But even this spectacle own format, in fact, wants to bring real life, but characters with their behaviors tend to be less real as possible, to troubleth ideas somewhat, because it fails to discern clear boundary that separates reality from the camp, it made for a shoe from what is done with heart, because so feels. It was precisely this dualizim ideas in the mind of each, that has brought so busy we Bjordi-Adela media phenomenon, has brought the question of permanent, if you really love each other and, if so, what they find so special, what common, what brings magic? But as says a famous expression, love heart has reasons that only the heart knows.

Bjordi thought that would return his life in Italy and perhaps, Adela will not return to the FC making a difference in her life as the dream, but was almost out shumekujt imagination that they had new take this more seriously about it considering their fate with great, that the real price "Big Brother" more than popularity or money triumfatori wins in this case. And here we are today, a year after, and Adela with bjordi are together again, happier than ever close to each other, convinced that fate was with them, that even though such time, chance makes miracles, pack the is hard to believe.

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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