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Friday, 19 February 2010

Genta Ismajli - Dancing With The Stars Albania

Genta Ismajli "Dancing With Stars" 1st Edition Albania, 18.02.2010

VIP 10: GENTA ISMAJLI (& Dion Gjinika)

"Dancing with the Stars" (Vallezim Me Yjet) nje spektakel i famshem boteror qe karakterizohet si nje reality show i llojit te vet, tashme ka filluar edhe ne Shqiperi. 12 personazhe te famshem "VIP" te shoqeruar nga 12 profesioniste te baletit do te garojne mes njeri tjetrit ne dy kategori "Ballroom" dhe "Latin". Kush do te fitoje 50,000 euro?

Spektakli i perjavshem do te jete live dhe transmetohet ne VizionPlus cdo te enjte ne ora 20:45.

Ndiqni Genta & Dion me poshte (video mundesuar nga

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[[ translation by google:

"Dancing with the Stars" a world famous spectacle characterized as a reality show of its own kind, has already launched in Albania. 12 famous characters "VIP" accompanied by 12 professional dancers will be competing among each other in two categories "Ballroom" and "Latin". Who will win 50,000 euros?

The weekly spectacle will be broadcast live and in VizionPlus every Thursday at 20:45 o'clock.
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