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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Remzije Osmani: "Jam e Lidhur me Mushtishtin..."

Remzije Osmani
/photo "dikur"/

Remzije Osmani, besnikja e kenges shqipe

Remzije Osmani mbetet kengetarja me besnike e Mushtishtit, vendit qe ka nxjerre mjaft zera te shkelqyeshem ne skenen tone muzikore. Ajo, pavaresisht se eshte mjaft e angazhuar ne muzike dhe i bjere te levize shume sa ne Prishtine, per te bashkepunuar me kompozitore dhe tekstshkrues te ndryshem, sa ne diaspore, asnjehere nuk ka dashur te zhvendoset per te jetuar ne ndonje vend tjeter “Jam e lidhur me Mushtishtin, pasi ketu kam kaluar femijerine time, rinine dhe ketu jam martuar”, tregon ajo. Kete veprim te sajin e vleresojne shume edhe bashkevendesit e saj, te cilet e cmojne shume ate. Ajo per vite me radhe i ka qendruar besnike muzike se paster shqipe, sikur i ka mbetur besnike edhe vendit te saj Mushtishtit. Kengetarja Remzije Osmani se fundmi ka realizuar videoklipin e kenges se re "Dikur" (kliko per video). /violete pllana/bota sot/11.02.2010/

Remzije Osmani Remzije Osmani
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Remzije Osmani, loyal to albanian song

Remzije Osmani remains faithful singer with the Mushtishtit, the place that has adopted many great voices in our music scene. She, despite the fact that is very involved in music and the fall to move very much in Pristina, to cooperate with the composer and different textwriters, as in the diaspora, has never had moved to live in any other place "I am connected to Mushtishtin, because here I spent my childhood, youth, and here I am married, "she reveals. This action of her also very much appreciates its compatriots, who appreciate it more. What for years has that clean sticking to Albanian music, as has also remained loyal to her country Mushtishtit. Singers Remzije Osmani recently realized that video clip of new song "Once".

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