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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Big Brother Albania 3: ADA Takon Motren!

Big Brother Albania 3 AdaBig Brother Albania 3: Surpriza per Aden!

Takimi me motren, surprize per Aden

Ada eshte nje prej banoreve me te rinj qe eshte futur ne shtepine e Big Brother. ajo gjithnje ka kerkuar nje banor me te cilin te ndaje momentet e saj te bukura, te trishta, te tyregoje veshtiresite e jetes se saj, dramat e saj etj. Por edhe per te eshte menduar nje surprize e vecante dhe e bukur. Ndersa banoret rrine ne dhomen e ndenjjes, ata degjojne nje zile telefoni dhe nje ze vajze qe thote “alo”. Te gjithe pyesin se cila eshte, ndersa ajo rri e hutuar dhe nuk flet. Pas disa castesh ajo tregon se mund te jete motra e saj, por nuk arrin te flase me te sepse linja nderpritet. Ada preket dhe qan dhe Arbana e fton qe te shkoje ne dhomen e rrefimit per t’u qetesuar. Atje ndodhet motra e saj, duke ia bere keshtu surprize ardhjen. Ato perqafohen e puthen plot mall, kurse Ada nuk resht se qari. Ajo tregon se motra eshte engjelli i saj mbrojtes dhe se i ka qendruar shume prane dhe mes tyre eshte krijuar nje lidhje shume e forte, sidomos kohet e fundit. Suela, motra e saj i jep kurajo dhe force se deri tani po ecen shume mire. Ajo i tregon se babai isaj e ndjek cdo dite dhe se i mungon shpesh, madje shpesh ate e ngaterron me Aden. Koha e kufizuar e detyron Aden qe te percjelle te motren. Ajo fillimisht e prezanton me banoret e tjere dhe kur dalin ne kopsht, ne monitor shfaqet nje klip i realizuar me momente te bukura nga nipi dhe mbesa e saj. Ada falenderon per surprizen e vecante. /
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Meeting with sister, a surprise for Aden

Ada is one of the new residents that is inserted in the Big Brother house. it has always required a resident with whom to share its beautiful moments, the sad, to tyregoje difficulties of her life, its drama, etc.. But to think a surprise is the special and beautiful. While residents stay in ndenjjes room, they hear a bell phone and a girlish voice that says "hello". All that is wondering, while she stands confused and does not speak. After a few moments it shows that may be her sister, but fails to speak with because interrupted lines. Ada Arbana affected and weeping and invites you to go in for confession room to reassure. There is her sister, and he made a surprise coming so. They hug and kiss full of goods, while Ada does not stop the crying. It shows that her sister is an angel of protection and that he stay close to and among them is creating a very strong connection, especially recently. Suela, her sister gives courage and strength that so far is doing quite well. It indicates that Isaiah's father attends every day and often lacks, and often it's ngaterron with Aden. Limited time forcing Aden to resubmit the sister. It initially presents with other residents and when out in the garden, the monitor displayed a video clip realized with beautiful moments of her nephew and niece. Ada surprizen thanks for the special.

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