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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bleona Qereti Promovon Kenge Anglisht dhe Gjoksin e Saj!

Bleona Qereti
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Bleona Qereti Bleona Qereti

Bleona Qereti - tregon dy kenge te reja ne anglisht dhe gjoksin

Bleona eshte ne Amerike per te perfunduar albumin e saj ne gjuhen angleze me te cilin mendohet te debutoj ne tregun muzikor amerikan. Deri tani ajo ka publikuar dy kenget e para te cilat jane pak a shume Britney-Pop-lloj muzike e ndersa njeren prej tyre (ritmiken) nuk e pelqej dhe aq, te dyten (te lehten)e kam fiksim. Nuk ja di titujt, sepse kenget jane publikuar vetem si demo, degjo me poshte apo tek Gjithashtu, Bleona ka vendosur qe te na tregoj jo vetem kompozimet e fundit, por dhe gjoksin... shih fotot. Marshalla! /albaniac/mars 2010/

Degjo 2 kenget ne anglisht:

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p.s. Ne webfaqen e saj, Bleona ka bere nje prezantim ne gjuhen angleze dhe shihet qarte se i eshte drejtuar tregut amerikan. Aty thuhet se Bleona, "Madona e Shqiperise", pas Evropes tash synon te pushtoje edhe Ameriken. Pse jo, kur dihet qe ne shqiptaret kemi talent per muzike. Go for it Bleona!

Ja teksti ne gjuhen angleze:

They call her the "Madonna of Albania"
She rocketed to fame becoming one of the most successful singers on Southern Europe. Now she is determined to become one of the most successful in the United States and the rest of North America. Bleona brings her unique sound, classic beauty and extraordinary talent to the stage in places like New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

"I look forward to introducing myself to the people of the United States. I can't wait to show them who I am through my music. It has always been a dream of mine to perform in front of the huge arenas in the U.S. Now is the beginning of that dream..." Bleona

One of Southern Europe's hottest performers
She spent her young adult lifetime as a singer, performer and all around superstar. Bleona Qereti has done everything there is to do in Europe; magazines, television and videos.

After 8 albums and dozens of awards, it is time for the rest of the world to learn who Bleona is.

"I am so excited and even a little nervous leaving Europe. I love my fans and for them I need to grow as a performer. Coming to the United States is the next step in my life's journey and I can't wait to take it". Bleona

What is she up to?
Hot off her European tour which included Paris, Zurich, Milan, Moscow and Barcelona, Bleona is now back in the U.S.

Out on the "West Coast", Bleona is in L.A. working on her new album, her premier "English Language" album. Working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry like Jim Beanz/Timbaland Productions, Young Lord, Outsyders Production and Diane Warren.

"Everyday I get up and go to the studio to work with all of these wonderful people, who are so huge in the music industry. Thank you to my vocal coaches Eric Vetro and Jaymes Foster... without them this would have not been possible." Bleona
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