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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Poli dhe Anjeza e "Big Brother" Te Dashuruar!

Pol Babi dhe Anjeza Haxhiaj Big Brother
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Anjeza dhe Poli i "Big Brother" jane bashke

Duket se nje tjeter dashuri ka lindur ndermjet banoreve te "Big Brother", por kete here jo me brenda shtepise, por jashte saj. Behet fjale per Anjeza Haxhiaj, pjesemarrese ne "Big Brother 2" dhe Pol Babin, konkurrent i "Big Brother 1", te cilet prej disa javesh po jetojne nje histori dashurie. Kete lajm na e konfirmojne miq te aferm te tyre, por edhe vete cifti duket se ka dale hapur, pasi jane pare vazhdimisht se bashku duke frekuentuar ambiente te ndryshme, duke ndenjur gjate gjithe kohes ne shoqerine e njeri-tjetrit, duke dhuruar puthje pa u shqetesuar per njerezit apo fotografet qe mund te kishin perreth. Ata qe i njohin nga afer dy te rinjte thone se se bashku jane shume mire, kuptohen dhe ka nje ndjenje te madhe midis tyre. Kete mund ta vertetojme edhe nga fotot dhe nga shikimet qe te dy i dhurojne njeri-tjetrit.

Pol Babi dhe Anjeza Haxhiaj Big Brother AlbaniTe dy, si Anjeza edhe Poli, brenda shtepise se "Big Brother" jane perfolur nder te tjera edhe per historite qe krijuan atje, Poli me Inen dhe Anjeza me Arjonin . Keto histori paten simpatizantet dhe perkrahesit e tyre, ashtu sic kishte edhe shume te tjere qe u treguan skeptike dhe i pane me mosbesim keto lidhje, thjesht si pjese e spektaklit dhe perpjekje per te bere show e per te ndenjur sa me gjate ne shtepi. Dhe ne fakt, per te dy ciftet fati i shte i njejte, vetem pak kohe pasi dolen nga shtepia e "Big Brother" historite e tyre perfunduan, por nese per Anjezen dhe Arjonin ndarja ishte paqesore dhe me mirekuptim, duke mbetur miq te mire edhe me pas, per Inen dhe Polin ndarja nuk ishte dhe aq e deshiruar nga te dyja palet, duke bere qe ne fillim te mos kishte komunikim midis tyre, edhe pse me pas marredheniet u rregulluan disi. Megjithate, asnjehere nuk pati sharje apo ofendime nga asnjera pale.

Nderkohe qe tani, pas nje periudhe pauze ku dy te rinjte kane shijuar jeten prej beqaresh, eshte koha per t'iu rikthyer jetes ne cift. Kete ndryshim te "statusit civil", Anjeza e ka shoqeruar edhe me nje ndryshim te look-ut te saj, duke zgjatur floket dhe duke ndryshuar edhe stilin e te veshurit, me serioz dhe shik. Sa per Polin, ai vazhdon te mbetet djali i perhershem simpatik. Te shohim si do te shkoje kjo histori. /paloma/mars 2010/
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Anjeza and Pole of "Big Brother" are together

It appears that another love is born between the inhabitants of "Big Brother", but this time not within the house, but outside it. It is about Haxhiaj Anjeza, participating in "Big Brother 2" and Paul Babin, a competitor of "Big Brother 1", which for several weeks is living a love story. Us confirming this news to relatives of their friends, but the couple themselves seem has come open, as are constantly seen together and attended different environments, seated at all times in the company of each other, by donating kiss without concerned for the people or photographs that might have around. Those who closely know two young people say are very well together, understand and has a great sense among them. This may prove even photos and eyes to donate two of each other.

Both, as well Anjeza Poli, within the house that "Big Brother" are among other controversial even for histories that created there, and Anjeza with Arjonin and Pole with Inen. These stories had their sympathizers and supporters, as there were many others who were told skeptical and saw the distrust these links, simply as part of the spectacle and try to make the show for as long sitting at home. And in fact, for both state couples the same fate, only recently came home after the "Big Brother" their stories ended, but if for Anjezen and Arjonin separation was peaceful and understanding, while remaining good friends even then, for Inen and Pole division was not as desired by both sides, making the beginning of communication between them had not, although with somewhat after relations were arranged. However, never had obscenities or insults from neither party.

While now, after a break period in which two young people have enjoyed the life of the single, it's time to restore life in pairs. This change to "civil status", Anjeza was accompanied with a change to its look-ut, extending and changing the hair style of dress, with serious and stylish. As for the Pole, he continues to remain permanent charming son. To see how this story will go.

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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