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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Big Brother Albania 3: BERTINA PERBALLET me OLTEN dhe ADEN!

Bertina Olta Ada Big Brother AlbaniaBertina perballet me Aden dhe Olten

Bertina ndodhet ne studion e Big Brother dhe Vellai i Madhi jep mundesine qe ajo te perballet me Aden. Keshtu te dyja vajzat shkojne ne qender te studios dhe fillojne te debatojne e replikojne njera-tjetren dhe arsyeja eshte Erioni dhe ndjenjat per te. bertina shprehet se nuk e dinte se vfare kishte ndodhur, por kur i a pare kur doli, nuk i priste fjalet e Ades te cilat iu duken teper fyese dhe ofenduese, te thena per te. ajo shprehet se ndjehet mire qe nuk e beri shoqe ate. Ne lidhje me Erionin, ajo shprehet se Ada nuk duhet te sillet si adoleshente, por ajo ia kthen se nuk e di se cfare ka kuptuar Bertina, por ajo qe ka thene Ada, ka te beje vec me miqesine mes saj dhe Erionit. Bertines i jepet mundesia qe te flase edhe me Olten. Olta shprehet se me Erionin ka nje miqesi dhe e shikon ate si mik te vertete. per te shfaqet nje klip me momente ku ajo me Erioni qendrojne prane, perkedhelen e puthen ne faqe, ndarja mes Erionit e Bertines pas eleminimit te saj e gjendja e keqe emocionale e tij, apo edhe komentet e gjykimin e Seldit ndaj Oltes per sjelljet e saja. Bertina flet me Olten dhe e pyet nese ndjehet e liruar tashme, por ajo pergjgijet se Erioni ndihet i tille. Bertina e pyet se cfare nenkupton ajo kur perqafon Erionin dhe i shkel syrin grupit te saj per kete veprim, ai i behet nje shoku te ngushte kjo. Olta pergjigjet se ne nje miqesi te sinqerte, behen edhe sjellje te tilla, brenda limiteve. Bertina i thote gjithashtu se lta eshte shprehur se donte ta demaskonte e ta degjeneronte Erionin, por ajo e mohon kete fakt. Olta shprehet se ka patur tendencen qe me sjellejt e saja, te beje Bertinen te pranoje ndjenjat per Erionin, ndersa Erioni qe te shtendosej. Per ta jepet edhe nje klip ku shfaqet Erioni i cili shprehet se nuk do donte te krijonte lidhje, se nje lidhje nuk e ben qe te jete i lirshem dhe se me Aden do donte te kishte afrimitet. Bertina e kundershton kete klip dhe mendon se eshte montazh. Ne dhomen e rrefimit thirret Erioni i cili konfirmon se eshte fjala e tij dhe se do donte qe me shprehejn e fundit, te tregonte se do donte te kishte shoqeri me Aden. Ada mendon se kjo ishte pergjgija me e mire per Bertinen. Bertina kerkon te flase me Erionin, por nuk mundet me te pakten per momentin. /
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[[ translation by google:

Bertina faces Aden and Olten

Bertina studio is located in the Great Big Brother and it gives the opportunity to face Aden. So both girls go to the center of the studio and begin to debate the replikojne each other and the reason is to Erion and feelings. bertina says vfare did not know had happened, but when when it first came out, do not expect words grandsons that had looked highly offensive and insulting, to say to. she says it feels good friends that did it. In connection with Erion, it says that Ada should not behave like teens, but it turn I do not know what Bertina understand, but she said Ada, deals only with the friendship between her and Erion. Bertines given the opportunity to speak with Olten. Olta Erion says to a friendship there and sees it as a real friend. to show a clip with moments where she stay at Erion, perkedhelen the kiss on the page, the division between the Bertines Erion after its elimination of bad emotional state of his or comments to Oltes Seldit trial for its behavior . Bertina talk to Olten and asks if feels free now, but it feels pergjgijet that such Erion. Bertina and asks what it means when perqafon wink Erion and her group for this action, he becomes a close friend that. Olta replies that in a sincere friendship, and made such behavior, within limits. Bertina lta also says he wants to express is exposed and to degjeneronte Erion, but she denies this fact. Olta says that the trend had its sjellejt, Bertinen do accept feelings for Erion Erion that while shtendosej. For it is also a clip where Erion appears that says it would like to establish connection, a connection that does not to be free and that Aden would like to have afrimitet. Bertina clips rejects this and thinks it is editing. We called Erion room confessions which confirms that it is his word and would like to say that the last, to show that it would like to have company with Aden. Ada thinks it was the best pergjgija Bertinen. Bertina Erion wants to talk, but can not the least for the moment.

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