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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ermela Mezuraj, Fituese e Big Brother 4

"Big Brother 4", fiton Ermela

100 ditet e "Big Brother 4" jane mbyllur mbreme me nje fituese femer. Ne edicionin e tij te katert, reality show ka nxjerre fituese Ermelen, banoren me karakter luftarak dhe te drejtperdrejte.

Ne nje mbremje maratone, spektakli solli shume surpriza per banoret finaliste dhe mbylli siparin me nje fituese femer, e para qe nga fillimi i transmetimit te ketij formati televiziv ne Shqiperi, e cila con gjithashtu ne shtepi cmimin prej 10 milione lekesh (te reja).

Ne vend te dyte doli Ergysi, personazhi me shpirt artistik. I treti ishte Ogreni, dhe i fundit Marieli, personazhi me i dashur per banoret e shtepise. /shekulli/
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"Big Brother 4", wins Ermela

100 days of "Big Brother 4" closed last night are a female winner. In its fourth edition, reality show winner has issued Ermelen, banoren character and direct combat.

In a marathon evening, the show brought many surprises for residents onset finalists and closed with a female winner, the first since the beginning of this format of television broadcasting in Albania, which also leads the house price of 10 million (new).

In second place came Ergysi, the character with artistic spirit. The third was Ogreni, and the last Marieli, the character more beloved to the household.

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