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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bjordi dhe Adela Zhvendosen ne Itali...?

Bjordi dhe Adela vendosin te lene Shqiperine per Italine

Kane punuar fort per nje projekt qe ne te gjithe e kemi ndjekur me aq vemendje sic ishte edicioni i dyte i “Dancing with the stars”, i cili vijoi transmetimin per 12 jave, ku ne fund fitoi aktori i njohur kosovar, Enver Petrovci. Por, natyrisht, nje element i rendesishem qe na bente ta ndiqnim me shume endje ishte dhe pjesemarrja e ciftit aq te pelqyer sic jane Bjordi Mezini dhe Adelajada Xhamani. Dy te rinjte benin forumin dhe strishat e mbasdites se ketij programi, duke na sjelle pak nga mbrapakuintat e VIP-ave ne gare se bashku me balerinet perkates. Eshte interesante ne fakt te shikosh dy te rinj te cileve u rrine nga mbrapa gazetare e fotografe per te mesuar gjithcka mbi jeten e tyre, t’i shohesh te bejne te njejten gje me personazhe te njohur te ekranit. Kjo, sepse Bjordi dhe Adela e duan shume boten e televizionit dhe gjithcka qe bejne atyre u shijon shume. Kjo eshte edhe nje mundesi e mire qe te jene ne kontakt me te gjithe ata fansa qe i kane ndjekur per tre muaj qendrimi ne “Big Brother”, por qe vijojne ende te jene kurioze per cdo gje qe ben cifti.

Natyrisht, mbas mbarimit te “Dancing with the stars”, ne ishim kurioze te mesonim se cilat do te ishin angazhimet verore te Bjordit dhe Adeles. Ata gjate kesaj kohe jane marre me shume projekte te tjera, te dy bashke ose ne menyre individuale. Ketu vlen te permendim programe ne radio, shkrime ne gazeta e revista te ndryshme, projekte ne ekrane qe kane mbetur ende ne leter etj. Pra, mund te thuhet me plot goje qe ata kane shume interesa dhe pasione. Dhe, nderkohe qe ne po prisnim te mesonim se cili do te ishte hapi i radhes, ja ku na vjen nje lajm qe na le pa fjale, Bjordi dhe Adela vendosin te lene Shqiperine. E themi kete, sepse miq te ciftit na kane rrefyer qe prej kohesh ata kishin vendosur te kalonin pushimet ne Itali, por kur mesuan se ata kane boshatisur shtepine ku jetonin duke e dorezuar ate, te le te mendosh se qendrimi i tyre ne Itali do te jete i gjate. Pikerisht tani qe mamaja e Bjordit vendosi te kthehet ne Tirane pet te qene sa me prane te birit, Bjordi i cili nuk pranonte kurrsesi te kthehej ne Itali pasi jeta ketu i pelqente, me sa duket ka nderruar mendje. Te henen, cifti eshte nisur ne Lecco, vend ku Bjordi ka jetuar me familjen e tij per rreth 20 vite, ku jeton aktualisht edhe familja e Adeles. Me pas, ata do te bejne pushimet ne plazhin luksoz te Sardenjes dhe me shume gjasa pritet qe te kene ndonje angazhim tjeter qe nuk ka te beje thjesht me pushimet, por me ndonje projekt te mundshem. Ne pamundesi per te kontaktuar me ciftin e sqaruar dicka, ikja e tyre duke lene edhe shtepine, mbetet mister dhe te krijon idene se ky largim fsheh dicka, e cila shpresojme te jete e mire per ta./panorama plus/qershor 2011/
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[[ translation by google:
Adela Bjordi and decide to leave Albania for Italy

Have worked hard for a project that we all have so carefully followed as was the second edition of "Dancing with the Stars", which continued broadcasting for 12 weeks, where we finally won the famous actor Kosovo, Enver Petrovci. But, of course, an important element that we render to follow more weaving was the participation of spouses as they are so pleasant and Adelajada Bjordi Xhamani Mezini. Two young benin strishat the afternoon forum and that the program, allowing us to bring some of the VIP mbrapakuintat we race together with the relevant ballet dancers. It is interesting indeed to see two young people whose reporter was stick out behind the photographer to learn everything about their lives, to see to do the same with familiar characters to the screen. This is because Bjordi and Adela's love of the television world and everything that make them taste more. This is also a good opportunity to be in touch with all those fans that may have followed a three month stay in the "Big Brother", but the following still be curious about everything that makes the couple.

Of course, after finishing the "Dancing with the Stars", we were curious to learn what would be the commitments and Adeles Bjordit summer. They were taken during this time with many other projects, both together or individually. It is worth mention in radio programs, articles in various newspapers and magazines, displays projects that have remained on paper etc.. So, can say with full mouth that they have many interests and passions. And, while we were waiting to learn what would be the next step, here comes a story that leaves us without words, and Adela Bjordi decide to leave Albania. We say this because the couple's friends have confessed to us a long time they had decided to spend holidays in Italy, but when I learned that they have empty house where they lived to deliver it, let him think that their stay in Italy will long life. Just now you Bjordit mother decided to return to Tirana pet to be closer to his son, who refused Bjordi means to return to Italy once liked the life here, apparently has changed his mind. On Monday, the couple is based in Lecco, Bjordi place where he lived with his family for about 20 years, where the family currently lives Adeles. Then, they will make the luxury beach holiday in Sardinia and most likely expected to have any other commitment that has nothing to do purely with the holidays, but any potential project. Unable to contact the couple to clarify something, leaving them leaving the house, remains a mystery and creates the idea that something hiding his departure, which will hopefully be good for them.

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Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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