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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dafina Kenge Duet me Getin

Dafina duet me Getoar Selimin

Kengetarja Dafina Zeqiri qe po korr suksese te njepasnjeshme me kenget e saj, tani do te kete edhe nje bashkepunim te ri me kengetarin Getoar Selimi. Ajo sapo ka lansuar kengen “My Swag” e cila eshte realizuar ne dy gjuhe, ne shqip me tekst te Lyrical Son dhe anglisht nga Drin Zatriqi, qe tashme eshte publikuar, dhe keto dite ajo thote se do ta lansoje edhe versionin shqip.

Kenga duet me Getin nuk eshte emeruar ende, mirepo ka gjasa te emerohet “D&G”, dhe eshte e realizuar ne studion e Enis Presheves. “Pas lansimit te kenges ‘My Swag’ vendosa te realizoj edhe nje kenge duet me Getin, qe besoj se do te pelqehet ne publik. Kjo kenge do te kete edhe videoklipin”, ka thene ajo per “Zerin”.

Dafina se fundi ka lansuar videoklipe te njepasnjeshme qe kushtojne shume, mirepo me kete thote se eshte duke u marre menaxheri Drin Zatriqi. “Marreveshja ime eshte me produksionin ‘Imagine’ per klipin ‘My Swag’, por edhe per disa te tjera ka qene qe produksioni te siguroje ndonje sponzor per shpenzimet e klipit.

Ka nje kohe te gjate qe bashkepunoj me ta dhe kemi marreveshje te tille qe nese ata sigurojne ndonje sponsor per klipe, une vetem e paguaj diferencen e kostos”, eshte shprehur Drini. Sipas Dafines, kenga bashke me Getin do te jete paralajmerim i albumit, i cili do te lansohet gjate ketyre javeve dhe permban 10 kenge.

“Albumi im quhet ‘Just Me’ i cili do te jete me plot risi per adhuruesit e mi”, thote ajo. Perndryshe lidhja e saj me Krenarin thote se eshte duke funksionuar per mrekulli./kastriote bajrami/zeri/tetor 2011/
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Dafina duet with Selim Getoar

Dafina singer who is reaping the consecutive successes with her ​​songs, will now also have a new collaboration with singer Getoar Aegis. It has just introduced the song "My Swag" which is conducted in two languages​​, the text in Albanian and English by Lyrical Son Zatriqi cascade, which is now published, and these days she said it would launch the Albanian version.

Getty duet song is not named yet, but there will likely be named "D & G", and is realized in the studio of Presevo Enis. "After launching the song" My Swag "also decided to perform a duet song with Getty, who believe that the public will be accepted. This song will have the video clip, "she told the" Voice ".

Dafina has recently launched successive clips that cost a lot, but to say that this is being taken Zatriqi cascade manager. "My agreement is with the production 'Imagine' clip for 'My Swag', but also for some other has been to ensure the production sponsor for the costs of any clip.

There is a long time to collaborate with them and we have agreement such that if they obtain a sponsor for the clips, I only pay the cost difference, "stated Drini. According to Laurel, together with Getty songs will be warning the album, which will be launched during these weeks and contains 10 songs.

"My album is called 'Just Me' which will be full of novelty for my fans," she says. Otherwise its link with pride says he is running wonderfully.

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