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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lori Hoxha, Per Ditelindje nje Dhurate prej 270 mije eurosh...

Vajza e “Tanit te Topit”, “Lamborghini” 270 mije euro dhurate per ditelindje

Vajza e te ndjerit Dritan Hoxha, i njohur si “Tani i Topit”, ka festuar pak dite me pare 18-vjetorin e lindjes. Lori Hoxha ka celebruar hyrjen ne moshen madhore, ne nje super feste, ku merrnin pjese shume gazetare nga Top-Channel-i, si dhe artiste, figura te njohura te ekranit etj. Per kete rast kishte ardhur enkas per te performuar edhe kengetarja e parapelqyer e Lorit, Dafina Zeqiri. Vajza me e madhe e Dritan Hoxhes mori mes shume dhuratave te kushtueshme, nje super makine te dhuruar nga e ema, qe thuhet se ka kushtuar plot 270 mije euro. Automjeti i tipit Lamgorghini nuk ishte e vetmja dhurate super luksoze per Lorin, pasi nga stafi i “Portokallise” ajo mori dhurate nje varese me gur diamanti, per te cilen secili prej punonjesve te ketij spektakli kishte dhene nga 1 milione leke te vjetra. Per 18-vjecaren qe studion ne Itali interpretuan shume kengetare te mirenjohur shqiptare, ndersa kokteji per pjesemarresit permbante gjithashtu ushqime shume te kushtueshme, si sushi etj. /standard/tetor 2011/
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[[ translation by google:
The girl of "Tani from Top", "Lamborghini" 270 thousand euros for birthday gift

Daughter of the late Dritan Hoxha, known as "Tani of Top", has celebrated a few days ago, 18-th anniversary of the birth. Lori Hoxha celebrate the entry into adulthood, in a super celebration, attended by many journalists from Top-Channel-i, as well as artists, prominent figures of the screen etc.. For this case had come specially to perform even Lori's favorite singer, Dafina. The eldest daughter of Dritan Hoxha took costly gifts among many, a super car donated by her mother, who is said to have paid full 270 thousand euros. Lamgorghini vehicle type was not the only super luxurious gift for Lorin, as the staff of "Portokallisë" gift she received a pendant with diamond stone, to which each of the employees of this spectacle was provided by 1 million older. For 18-year-old studying in Italy performed very well-known Albanian singers and participants cocktail also contained very expensive foods, like sushi, etc..

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