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Monday, 21 November 2011

Ledri Vula: Nuk Jam Rrahur Une... Mshelne Gojen!

Ledri Vula: Nuk jam rrahur une, o njerez!

Reperi Ledri Vula i grupit “Skillz” nuk eshte personi qe eshte rrahur ne Kumanove, sic raportuan pak dite me pare disa media. Ne fakt, ka qene menaxheri i tij ai qe ka ngrene dajak dhe kjo pohohet nga njeri prej protagonisteve te kesaj mbremjeje ne qytetin kosovar. Nje 19-vjecari nga Kumanova ka theksuar se te rinjte kumanovare kane rrahur menaxherin e Ledrit, pasi sic jane shprehur ata, ai u kishte kerkuar kokaine. “Ai na kerkoi kokaine dhe kjo na irritoi tej mase, ndaj pasoi edhe incidenti. Nuk eshte e vertete ajo qe eshte shkruar sepse nuk u rrah Ledri”, - ka thene njeri nga djemte protagoniste te kesaj ngjarjeje, qe u shenua rreth nje jave me pare ne nje nga lokalet e Kumanoves. Ne fakt, Ledri Vula shkroi pak dite ne twitter se “mire qe e mori vesh se e kishin rrahur”, me tone ironie. “Ne fillim thane se pija droge, tani qe qenkam rrahur. Gazetaret nuk dine c’te shpikin”, - reagoi ai. /standard/nentor 2011/

p.s. Verzioni i Ledrit nga goja vet (Intervista ne Prive), ndiq videon:

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Ledri Vula: Hey people, I wasn't beaten!

Rapper Ledri Vula of "Skillz" is not the person who was beaten in Kumanovo, as reported a few days ago some media. In fact, it was his manager who has beaten it and it is claimed by one of the protagonists in the Kosovo town this evening. A 19-year-old said from Kumanovo Kumanovo that young people have beaten Ledri manager, because as they said he had wanted cocaine. "He asked us cocaine and that irritoi us beyond measure, succeeded to the incident. It is not true what was written was not beaten because Ledri ", - said one of the guys protagonists of this event, which was recorded about a week ago in one of the premises of Kumanovo. In fact, wrote a few days Ledri stamp on twitter that "well knew that he had beaten", ironic tone. "In the beginning they said that drinking drugs, now that qenkam beat. Journalists do not know what to invent "- he responded.

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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