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Friday, 2 December 2011

Ardian Bujupit i Merret Patent Shoferi per 3 Muaj...

Aksidentohet Ardian Bujupi ne Gjermani

Ylli i muzikes Ardian Bujupi i njohur me suksesin ne shoun e talenteve ne Gjermani ka pesuar nje aksident ne Gjermani.

Sipas informatave marre nga policia, Ardian Bujupi kishte abuzuar te drejten rrugore ne nje udhekryq (merr perparesine krahut te djathte). Bujupi nuk ka pesuar lendime trupore, por qe vetura e tij e sapoblere e tipit “Peugeot 407 Coupe” me vlere prej 28.900 Euro eshte demoluar teresisht.

Bujupi ka shpjeguar se ai eshte tejet i lumtur qe gjate ketij aksidenti nuk ka pesuar ndokush me jete, ndersa sa i perket vetures, ai tha se jane vetem deme materiale.

Titulli i tij te cilin ka shkruar vet, sapo ka kapluar top listen Gjermane ndersa kenga e tij do te kendohet “Live” edhe nga Programi “The Dome”. /zhurnal/dhjetor/

p.s. Nuk eshte hera e pare qe ai then rregullat e komunikacionit dhe perkohesisht i merret patenti. Ne kete rast i eshte marre patenti i shoferit per 3 muaj. Do te ishte mekat sikur t'i merret patenti pergjithmone pasi Ardiani ka pasion vozitjen me shpejtesi e qe ne shume raste po i sjell atij edhe probleme me ligjin. /albavipnews/
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[[ translation by google:
Ardian Bujupi accident in Germany

Ardian Bujupi music star known success in the talent reality show in Germany has suffered an accident in Germany.

According to information received from police, Ardian Bujupi had abused the right road to a crossroads (take advantage of the right wing). Bujupi has not suffered physical injury, but his car sapoblere type "Peugeot 407 coupe" with a value of 28,900 Euro is completely demolished.

Bujupi explained that he is extremely happy that this accident has not suffered any man to life, while in terms of vehicle, he said that only material damage.

The title of his own which he has written, has just captured German cannon listen and his songs will be sung "Live" by program "The Dome". / Journal / December /

postscript It is not the first time he breaks the rules of traffic and temporarily losing driving licence. In this case the driver has lost licence for 3 months. It would be a sin if they take forever because Ardian has rapidly driving passion of that in many cases are also brought him trouble with the law.

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