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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bjordi Realizon Endrren, Luan si Autist ne nje Film Italian...

Bjordi, autist ne film

Endrra ishin, por ndodhi qe u realizuan. Bjordi Mezini, i cili me balluken legjendare trazoi te madh e te vogel, do te jete pjese e nje filmi italian.

Filmi thriller aktualisht po xhirohet ne Itali dhe pervec Bjordit “kombetarja” shqiptare e VIP-ave ka derguar edhe Ciljeten. Fotot e kesaj te fundit shtatzene kane bere xhiron e shtypit te shkruar, por roli i Bjordit mesa duket eshte me i rendesishmi.

Djaloshi simpatik do te luaje rolin e nje djali autik. Sigurisht qe standarti per kete lloj roli eshte ngritur shume nga Dustin Hoffman, por kesaj radhe duhet thene “rendesi ka pjesemarrja”.

I gjithe filmi fokusohet mbi 7 persona te bllokuar ne ashensor dhe eshte pak por e sigurte se sa ngushte do te jete aty nese bllokohet edhe Ciljeta. /top channel/dhjetor 2011/


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Bjordi, autistic in the movie

The dream was, but happened to materialize. Bjordi Mezini, who stirred balluken legendary big and small, will be part of an Italian film.

Thriller film currently being shot in Italy and in addition Bjordit "national" Albanian VIP has sent Çiljetën. Photos of the latter have become pregnant lap press, but apparently Bjordit role is most important.

Charming boy will play the role of an autistic boy. Certainly the standard for this type of role is more of Dustin Hoffman set but this time we must say "no participation matters."

The entire film focuses on seven people trapped in the elevator and is less secure but how closely it will be blocked even if Ciljeta.

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