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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ja Piktura e Kodres qe Hetem Ramadani bleu per 140,000 Euro...

Ja piktura e Kodres qe bleu Hetem Ramadani

Javen e shkuar publikoi lajmin mbi ankandin e zhvilluar nga fondacioni Femijet Shqiptare me presidente zonjen Liri Berisha, ku nje pikture e Ibrahim Kodres u ble nga biznesmeni i njohur Hetem Ramadani kundrejt nje shume prej 140 mije eurosh.

Pas nje investigimi te kujdeshem, me ne fund po publikon edhe pikturen e Ibrahim Kodres, e cila duket se ja vlen aq sa u shit.

Hetem Ramadani eshte nje koleksionist i mirefillte i veprave te artit dhe shpesh ai nuk kursehet per te marre ne pronesi vepra te ndryshme, pavaresisht kostos se tyre financiare. posted at Ndoshta kjo pikture e Kodres do te jete xhevahiri i koleksionit te tij personal. /shqiptarja/dhjetor 2011/
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[[ translation by google:
Here's the picture of Kodra who bought Hetem Ramadani last week published the story about the auction conducted by the Albanian Children Foundation President Mrs. Liri Berisha, where a painting of Abraham Hill was purchased by businessman known Hetem Ramadani against an amount of 140 thousand euros.

After a careful investigation, I finally publishes picture of Abraham Hill, which seems worth so much was sold.

Hetem Ramadani is a genuine collector of works of art and often he saved to take ownership of various works, regardless of their financial cost. posted at Perhaps this painting of the Hill will be the jewel of his personal collection.

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