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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kush Mungoi ne 10-Vjetorin e Top Channel...?

Krasta, Llakaj, Ami dhe djemte e “The SHBLSH” munguan ne 10-vjetorin e “TCH”

Ishte nje nate “gala”, qe per shume te pranishem atje mund te konsiderohej nata e nostalgjise dhe e kujtimeve. Ishte data 20 dhjetor e vitit 2001, kur ne ekranin me te ri shqiptar, “Top Channel”, u dhane lajmet e para.

Ishte denoncimi i nje marreveshjeje qeveritare, qe lejonte marrjen e reres nga gjiri i Gjipese ne bregdetin e Jonit, per ta derguar ne ishullin e Korfuzit. Nje lajm ky qe do te ndiqej nga shume te tjere. Po keshtu moren jete njeri pas tjetrit edhe programe e emisione, si: “Shqip”, “Fiks fare”, “Top Show”, “Top Story”, “Portokalli”, “Big Brother Albania”, “Top Fest” etj. Te gjitha keto erdhen ne festen jubile te “Top Channel” permes nje retrospektive, ku u shfaqen disa nga momentet me pikante qe ka kaluar ky televizion, qe nga skepticizmi i fillimit deri ne ditet tona.

E ne kete retrospektive, nuk mund te mos vije re se dicka mungonte. Ishin te ikurit nder vite nga ky televizion ata qe per shume kohe u konsideruan si ikona, si fytyra qe nepermjet tyre shpesh identifikohej dhe programi apo emisioni. posted at Qe nga ish-dyshja e famshme qe drejtuan “Portokalli”, Agron Llakaj e Amarda Toska, si dhe aktore te tjere te ketij spektakli.

Nuk kishte se si te mos vihej re edhe mungesa e Adi Krastes, i cili gjate ketij viti ishte ishte moderator i dy programeve, “E diell” dhe “100 milione”, por qe vetem 2 muaj me pare hoqi dore prej te gjithave.

Ai dha doreheqjen nga “Top Channel” pas disa vitesh pune atje e, sic duket, edhe nga festat e ketij televizioni. Nderkaq, ne pasazhet retrospektive rreth programeve qe beheshin ne ekranin gjigant te TOB-it, aty ku edhe u zhvillua mbremja gala e “Top Channel”, organizatoret kane qene te kujdesshem ne perzgjedhjen e personazheve qe pasqyroheshin.

Por duket se jane ndare me aq mllef, sa ne kete jubile, ku ishin me shume te ftuar sesa mund te imagjinohej, ata mungonin. Kjo ishte nata ku u shfaqen te gjithe te veshur klas, pothuaj te gjithe cift, duke u bere bashke edhe ata qe kane mosmarreveshje mes kolegesh apo inate personale. /panorama plus/dhjetor 2011/
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Krasta, Llakaj, Ami and the guys "SHBLSH" missed the 10-anniversary of the "TCH"

It was a night "gala", which for many present there can be seen the night of nostalgia and memories. The date was December 20 2001, when the screen on the new Albanian "Top Channel", gave the first news.

It was the denunciation of a government agreement that allowed the taking of sand from the bay of the Ionian coast Gjipesa, sent to the island of Corfu. A news item that will be followed by many others. Also be taken one after another and shows programs like "Bangla", "Fixed at", "Top Show", "Top Story", "Orange", "Big Brother", "Top Fest" etc.. All these came to jubilee celebration of the "Top Channel" through a retrospective, which featured some spicy moments that passed the channel, from skepticism to start our day.

And in retrospect, I can not notice it was missing something. They were fugitives from the television over the years that for a long time they were seen as icons, like their faces are often identified through program or show. posted at Since the former famous duo who directed "Orange", Agron Amarda Llakaj of Tosca, and other actors of this show.

There was how not noticed the lack of Adi Krasta, which this year had moderated the two programs, "The Sun" and "100 million", but only 2 months ago gave up all.

He resigned from the "Top Channel" after several years of work there, it seems, even the holidays of this television. However, in retrospective passages about the programs that were on the giant screen obt Room, where the gala evening was held the "Top Channel", the organizers have been careful in selecting the characters that reflected.

But it seems to have been appropriated by so rancor, as in this jubilee, which were more guests than can be imagined, they were missing. It was night, which featured all wearing class, almost all couples, being brought together those who have disputes among colleagues or personalities. / Panorama plus / December 2011 /

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