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Monday, 16 January 2012

Artisti Shqiptar Adrian Paci mban Ekspozite ne Seattle te Amerikes [VIDEO]

Shqiptari Adrian Paci mban ekspozite ne Siatell (Seattle) te Amerikes

Artisti konteporan Adrian Paci kete jave ekspozon punimet e tij ne Siatell te Amerikes, duke u shoqeruar me vlersime maksimale. Kjo nuk eshte hera e pare qe punimet e tij ekspozohen ne Amerike, pasi me pare Paci ka ekspozuar dhe ne galerite e famshme MoMA apo Guggenheim ku eshte vlersuar me se shumti per punimet e tij ne performance dhe video, nderkohe qe gjithashtu ka realizuar shume pune ne pikture,skulpture e fotografi. I lindur ne Shkoder me 1969, Paci ka jetuar ne Shqiperi deri ne vitin 1997, ku ka perfunduar Akademine e Arteve te Bukura, e me pas ka dhene mesime te historise se artit ne Shkoder. Ne 1997 u largua per ne Milano te Italise ku aktivizohet dhe behet i njohur ne qarqet artistike, me punime te cilat shpesh here ne qender te tyre pasqyrojne jeten dhe traditen shqiptare te Pacit (si psh ne punimin "Turn On" apo "Apparizione" ku nje vajze kendon shqip shoqeruar nga te afermit e saj). Ai gjithashtu eshte nje nder artistet e pare shqiptar qe ka marre pjese ne "Biennale di Venezia" (1999), duke u pasuar me ekspozita ne Amerike, Itali, Gjermani, Zvicer, Australi, Angli, Suedi etj. Qe prej 2003 Paci jep leksione ne "Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti" ne Bergamo dhe "Universita IUAV" ne Venecie.

Me poshte po ju sjell disa fragmente nga punimet e tij "Zhurma e drites" (me e preferuara nga une:),"Ndiz","Shtepi me vete" dhe videot e "Per Speculum" (Kjo eshte nje pune e mrekullueshme,por fatkeqesisht videoja ka cilesi te dobet) dhe "Qendra bashkekohore e qendrimit". /albaniac/janar 2012/


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[[ translation by google:
Albanian Adrian Paci holds exhibition in Siatëll (Seattle) of America

Konteporan artist Adrian Paci this week exposes his works in Siatëll States, followed by the maximum votes. This is not the first time his work exhibited in America, having first Paci has exhibited in galleries and the famous MoMA or the Guggenheim which is assessed mostly for his work in performance and video, while much work has also enabled in painting, sculpture and photographs. Born in Shkodra in 1969, PACI has lived in Bangladesh until 1997, where he completed the Academy of Fine Arts, and then has taught art history in Shkodra. In 1997 he left for Milan, Italy where activated and become known in artistic circles, with works that often reflect the focus of their lives and Paci Albanian tradition (eg in the paper "Turn On" or "Apparizione" where a girl sings slip accompanied by her relatives). He is also one of the first Albanian artists who participated in the "di Venezia biennial" (1999), followed by exhibitions in America, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, England, Sweden, etc.. Since 2003 Paci gives lectures on the "Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti" in Bergamo and the "Université IUAV" in Venice.

Below we bring you some excerpts from his work "light noise" (the most preferred by me:), "Turn", "House", and videos of "Per Speculum" (This is a wonderful work, but Unfortunately the video is poor quality) and "Center of stay contemporary." / albaniac / January 2012 / ]]

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