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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blendi Fevziu Kopjon Kopertinen e "Stalin"-it...

Blendi Fevziu, nje kopertine plagjiature

Faqja e internetit “Respublica” publikon plagjiaturen e Blendi Fevziut ne librin e tij per biografine e Enver Hoxhes. Kopertina e librit te Blendit eshte kopjuar nga libri per diktatorin Stalin, liber i cili ka per autor Edvard Radzinsky, i botuar ne vitin 1997, ndersa ai per diktatorin Hoxha eshte botuar ne vitin 2011.

Secili syresh ka shkruar per diktatorin e vendit perkates dhe deri ketu s’ka asgje te keqe. Por po t’i vesh re me kujdes te dy kopertinat, te bie menjehere ne sy se kane shume te perbashketa, ose me sakte, kopertina e librit te Fevziut ka ngjashmeri me ate te Radzinskyt, pese nga te cilat po i listojme me poshte:

1.Te dy i kane titulluar me emrat e tyre, “Stalin” dhe “Enver Hoxha”.
2.Te dy titujt jane shkruar me shkronja te bardha, te vendosura ne nje fushe te kuqe e te rrethuara nga nje kornize e verdhe.
3.Te dy autoret kane vendosur nga nje shenim poshte titullit, Radzinsky: “E para biografi e thelluar bazuar ne dokumentet e reja shperthyese nga arkivi sekret i Rusise”; Fevziu: “E para biografi bazuar ne dokumentet e arkivit personal dhe ne rrefimet e atyre qe e njohen”.
4.Si titulli ashtu edhe shenimi jane vendosur ne te njejten lartesi e pozicion, djathtas.
5.Tek te dy kopertinat diktatoret shfaqen me ½ e portretit te tyre, Stalini me pamje ballore por me gjysmen e fytyres, Enveri ne profil edhe ky, pra me gjysmen e fytyres.

Ndoshta kjo ka qene nje deshire e “mire” e Fevziut per ta njesuar figuren e Enverit me ate te Stalinit (te cilin Hoxha e adhuronte), por ne kete rast duhet thene me plot gojen se kopertina e librit te Fevziut eshte nje plagjiature e paster e asaj te Radzinsky-t. /respublica/zeri/janar 2012/
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[[ translation by google:
Blendi Fevziu, a plagiarism cover

The website "Respublica" publishes the Blendi Fevziu plagiarism in his book on the biography of Enver Hoxha. Blendi cover of the book is copied from the dictator Stalin, who has a book the author Edvard Radzinsky, published in 1997, while he was dictator Hoxha published in 2011.

Each of them has written to the respective country's dictator and so far nothing bad. But if we notice carefully the two covers, the immediately noticeable that have much in common, or more accurately, the book cover Fevziu has similarities to that of Radzinskyt, five of which are listed below:

1.Të both have their names called, "Stalin" and "Enver Hoxha".

2.Të two titles are written in white letters, placed in a red field surrounded by a yellow frame.

3.Organize two authors have decided by a note under the heading, Radzinsky: "The first in-depth biography based on explosive new documents from Russia's secret archives" Fevziu: "The first biography based on archive documents and personal accounts those who knew him. "

4.Si note title and are placed at the same height and position, right.

5.Tek covers both dictators appear to ½ of their portrait of Stalin overlooking the front but with half the face, in profile Enver even this, that with half of the face.

Perhaps this has been a wish of "good" and Fevziu to Enver single figure with that of Stalin (whom Hoxha of worship), but in this case it must be said with his mouth full of books that cover the Fevziu is a pure plagiarism of that Radzinsky-t. / respublica / voice / January 2012 /

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