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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kristi Pinderi, ngjall debat publik per dashurine mes homoseksualeve...

Homoseksualet shqiptare, dokumentar me cifte gay dhe lesbike per Shen Valentin

“Te fshehur mes jush”, titullohet filmi dokumentar prej 12 minutash, ku nje cift gay dhe nje cift tjeter lesbikesh rrefejne dashurine e tyre qe nuk njeh gjini dhe qe paragjykohet ende ne Shqiperi. Dokumentar me protagoniste dy cifte nga Tirana, do te jete dhurate per te gjithe homoseksualet per kete Shen Valentin. Filmi eshte realizuar me mbeshtetjen e Soros, ne kuader te nje projekti mediatik qe mbeshtet te rinjte dhe qe pritet te shfaqet ne nje nga televizionet e njohura se shpejti. Kristi Pinderi, aktivist per te drejtat e njeriut, eshte bashkautor i realizimit te ketij dokumentari dhe i vetmi qe shfaqet me portret ne rolin e intervistuesit te dy cifteve te dashuruar, perkatesisht dy djemve dhe dy vajzave, te cilet rrefejne eksperiencen e tyre ne Tirane. Kristi tregon se “intervistat jane realizuar ne mes te Tiranes, me synimin per te treguar se cifte homoseksualesh mund te jene kushdo rreth nesh, pavaresisht se ne nuk e dime, pasi ata nuk mund te na e thone pasi mentaliteti yne ende nuk i pranon si te tille”.

“Ata duan te japin nje mesazh dashurie me rrefimet e tyre dhe mesazhi eshte qe “historite e dashurise mes dy vajzave apo mes dy djemve mund te jene me sublime se ato te midis sekseve te kunderta, pasi bazohen ne sakrificen, fshehtesine dhe rrezikun se mund te zbulohen. Kjo frike e forcon me shume lidhjen dhe perkushtimin dhe ne ndoshta nuk e veme re, por ndoshta Romeot e sotem sipas gjasave jane homoseksualet e fshehur mes nesh, dhe Zhulietat e sotme sipas gjasave jane lesbiket”, shprehet Kristi. Ne lidhje me diskutimin qe po behet ne gjithe boten nese te qenet homoseksual eshte devijim apo dicka normale, nje nga vajzat qe rrefen historine e saj pohon se “une nuk e ndiej veten te semure, por nese jam e semure, qofsha keshtu gjithmone”. Cifti i dy djemve rreth 20 vjec dhe dy vajzave gati 30 vjec nuk guxojne te shfaqen me fytyre ne kete dokumentar, per faktin se nuk ndihen gati te humbasin personat e tyre te aferm, qe edhe mund t’u largohen sapo ta marrin vesh kete fakt. Pinderi sqaron se “mesazhi qe duam te japim me kete dokumentar, eshte qe ne fakt ata nuk jane njerez perverse qe mendojne vetem per seksin, por madje shume te perqendruar ne lidhje te qendrueshme”. Dokumentari per here te pare synon te ngjalle debate ne publik per dashurine mes homoseksualeve. Gjithashtu ne kete dokumentar u jepet pergjigje pyetjeve se ku e konsumojne dashurine e tyre te fshehte keto cifte nga Tirana, qe sipas konstatimeve te vete atyre, ka dhe nga ata qe nuk ngurrojne ta shfaqin intimitetin hapur ne ambiente publike, sic jane baret apo lokalet e nates. /panorama plus/janar 2012/
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[[ translation by google:
Albanian homosexuals, documentary with gay and lesbian couples to St. Valentin

"The hidden among you", documentary film titled 12 minutes, where a gay couple and a lesbian couple next to confess their love knows no gender and prejudiced still in Albania. Protagonists documentary with two pairs of Tirana, will be the gift for all homosexuals to the St. Valentin. The film was produced with the support of Soros, in the context of a media project that supports young people and expected to appear in one of the popular television soon. Kristi Pinderi, an activist for human rights, is coauthor of the realization of this documentary and the only one that appears in the role of interviewer portrait of two couples in love, with two boys and two girls, who relate their experiences in Tirana. Christie shows "interviews were conducted between Tirana, aiming to show that gay couples can be anyone around us, whether we do not know, because they can not tell us because our mentality is still not accepted as that. " "They want to give a message of love with their stories and the message is that" stories of love between two women or between two boys can be more sublime than those of opposite sexes, as based on sacrifice, and privacy risks that may be detected. This strengthens fear more connection and commitment and we probably do not notice, but maybe today's Romeo homosexuals probably are hidden among us, and Juliet today probably are lesbians, "says Kristi. In connection with the discussion that is happening in the world if being gay is normal ramp or something, one of the girls who narrates her story claims that "I do not feel unwell, but if I am sick, thou art always so." Couple the two boys about 20 years and two girls nearly 30 years must not show his face in this documentary, because it does not lose people feel about their relatives who also may be removed as soon as you find out this fact . Pinderi explains that "the message we want to give this documentary, is that in fact they are perverse people who think only about sex, but even more focused on sustainable". The documentary for the first time aims to raise public debate on same-sex love. Also in this documentary was given to answer questions where they consume their secret love these couples from Tirana, that according to the findings themselves, there are those who are reluctant to openly express intimacy in public places such as bars or premises night. / Plus picture / January 2012 / ]]

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