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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mc Kresha: Per Rozin jam gati te humb 17 kg...

MC Kresha: ‘’Ne emer te dashurise jam ne gjendje te largoj 17 kilogram’’

Ai beri per vete Rozana Radin si ne duet ashtu edhe ne dashuri. Reperi 27 vjecare, nje nga me te njohurit ne Kosove dhe se fundi edhe ne Shqiperi, eshte shume i lire me mediat, ndonese kete gje se fundi ia ka ndaluar paksa lidhja me Rozanen e cila si duket e ka kufizuar ate per nga prononcimi ne media.

Kreshnik Fazliu (MC Kresha) ne nje interviste te shkurte dhene mediave ne Prishtine eshte rrefyer per disa gjera sic jane nderhyrjet kirurgjike, besimin ne Zot, a beson ne UFO, ne cfare zhanri eshte i dobet.

Kujt keni pasur deshire t’i ngjani kur keni qene i vogel?
- Se di…

Cfare do kishe ndryshuar ne jeten tende?
- Ndoshta disa gjera do i kasha bere me mire.

Cfare do kishe bere sikur te kishe ne dispozicion 24 ore jete?
- I kasha shijuar me njerezit me te dashur te mi.

A keni menduar ndonjehere per vetevrasje?
- Kurre ne jete.

A besoni ne Zot?
- Patjeter.

A keni genjyer neper intervista?
- Komsi-komsa.

Ne emer te dashurise a je ne gjendje te largosh 17 kilogram?
- Po jam ne gjendje t’i largoj (qesh).

Sa vjet i ke be?
- 27.

A beson ne UFO?
- Jo.

A keni bere ndonje nderhyrje kirurgjike?
- (Qesh) jo.

Ne cilin zhaner je i dobet?
- Ne opera.

A ndodh qe njerezit te te ngaterojne rruges?
- Po ndodh ndonjehere me ngaterojne me Fugen.

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[[ translation by google:
MC Kresha:''In the name of love I am able to remove 17 kilograms''

He made for himself as a duet Rozana Radin and in love. 27 year old rapper, one of the most famous recently in Kosovo and in Albania, is free to the media, although recently it has forbidden Rozanën little connection that seems to have limited it to the media Statement .

Kreshnik Fazliu (MC Kresha) in a short interview given to the media in Pristina has been related to several things such as surgical interventions, faith in God, do believe in UFOs, in what genre is weak.

Who wish to resemble how you had when you were little?
- Have I ...

What would have been changed in your life?
- Maybe some things the church will do better.

What would have done if you had to be available 24 hours?
- The church enjoyed by people of my beloved.

Have you ever thought about suicide?
- Never in life.

Do you believe in God?
- Absolutely.

Have you lied in interviews?
- Komsi-komsa.

In the name of love are you able to remove 17 kilograms?
- I am able to stave off (laughs).

How many years have you done?
- 27.

Do you believe in UFOs?
- No.

Have you had any surgery?
- (Laughs) no.

In which genre you are poor?
- In opera.

Are people mistaken you for someone else on the road?
- Yes it happens they mistaken me for Fuga

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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