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Saturday, 21 January 2012

VIP Ballina: Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 21 Janar 2012

Revista PANORAMA PLUS, 21 Janar 2012
  • Amarda Toska: Do jemi perseri tek "Dancing", ende asnje plan per femije
  • Linda Halimi transformohet, riben fytyren nga e para
  • Ermela Mezuraj: Ju tregoj ritakimin pas 8 vitesh me Jotin, planet per martese dhe femije
  • Frederiku dhe Alisa ne pritje te femijes se dyte
  • Ja disa nga emrat VIP qe kane marre oferten per te qene konkurrente te "Dancing"
  • Edita Abazi harron Noizin dhe historine e dhimbshme, dashurohet perseri!
  • Adelina Ismajli tani planifikon me Valin fejesen dhe martesen
  • Adi Krasta rikthehet neser ne show-n e pare te vitit 2012
  • Sinan Hoxha shan serbet nga nena ne koncert, reagime ne forume
  • Neda emerohet zedhenese e Aleances Kuq e Zi, fansat shprehen kunder
  • Ledina Celo publikon fotot e reja me djalin, Erlisin
  • Emina & Nazarian drekojne ne Los Angeles me David dhe Victoria Beckham
  • Ciljeta dhe Ingridi pas 5 vitesh, bashke me nje klip shokues, do shfaqen si plaka
  • Cubi Metka: Pse pranova te behem pjese e roleve seksi ne "Sketch show"
  • Claydee Lupa, shqiptari i hiteve boterore "house"
  • Mc Kresha: Per dashurine jam gati te humb 17 kilograme
  • Marjana Kondi takon te atin pas 48 vitesh
  • Alida Duka: Jeta ime ne Gjermani mes kenges, pianos dhe menaxhimit te teatrit
  • Per te shlyer borxhin e koncertit ne Suedi, Dafina Zeqiri kendon falas
  • Joana Smakaj pret te behet nene per here te dyte
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[[ translation by google:
PANORAMA PLUS Journal, 21 January 2012
Amarda Tosca: You are back to "Dancing", still no plans for children
Linda Halimi transformed, remakes of the first face
Her the Mezuraj: You tell ritakimin after 8 years with yours, plans for marriage and children
Frederick and Alice waiting for that second child
Here are some of the VIP names who received the offer to be competing in "Dancing"
Edita Abazi forgets Noizin and painful history, love again!
Adelina Ismaili now plans to Vali engagement and marriage
Adi Krasta show returns tomorrow n the first half of 2012
Sinan Hoxha shan Serbs from mother in concert, feedback in the forums
Neda appointed spokeswoman Black Red Alliance, fans expressed against
Ledina Celo publish new pictures of my son, Erlisin
Emina & Nazarian lunch in Los Angeles with David and Victoria Beckham
Ingridi Ciljeta and after 5 years, together with a shocking clip, will appear as old women
Cubi Metka: Why I agreed to be a descent part of sex roles in "Sketch Show"
Claydee Lupan, the Albanian world chart "house"
Mc Kresha: For love I'm ready to lose 17 kilos
Condi Mariana belongs to his father after 48 years
Alida Duke: My Life in Germany between songs, piano and theater management
To repay the debt of the concert in Sweden, sings Dafina free
Joanna Smakaj expectant mother for the second time ]]

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