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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Arbana Osmani pergaditet fizikisht per Big Brother 5

Arbana Osmani: “Me shume muskuj ne BB5”

“Big Brother 5“ do te nise vetem pas pak ditesh, pikerisht me 18 shkurt. Sivjet, ky spektakel me nje audience rekord ne televizionet tona do te drejtohet perseri nga Arbana Osmani. E pyetur per ‘Mapo’ sesi po ndihet ne kete start te peste te “Big Brother”, Arbana eshte shprehur: ”Jam shume e lumtur. Mezi po pres te filloje”, ndersa na zbulon edhe nje sekret tjeter te vogel.

Arbana keto dite eshte duke u ushtruar intensivisht ne palester. “Jam ne palester. Po bej me shume muskuj sivjet”, – shton Arbana me humor. Sigurisht qe vajza simpatike e ekranit nuk ka ndermend te tregoje force ne kete show, pervec forces se talentit qe ajo ka e megjithate, pak tonifikim nuk do te ishte keq per askend.

Gjate pese viteve drejtim te ketij show Arbana ka treguar me se miri profesionalitet e sigurisht edhe nje paraqitje per t’u vleresuar. Sivjet “Big Brother” mesohet se do te zgjase me shume se tre muaj dhe gara do te behet shume me e forte per fituesin e peste.

Surpriza te shumta mesohet te kete ne kete spektakel, i cili po zhvillohet ne Shqiperi per te pestin vit radhazi. Kureshtja do te shuhet vetem te premten tjeter, se cilet do te jene banoret qe do te hyjne ne shtepine me te vezhguar dhe te komentuar ne Shqiperi. /mapo/
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[[ translation by google:
Arbana Osman: "More muscles in BB5"

"Big Brother 5" will launch just days after, precisely on February 18. This year, the show with a record of our television audience will be led again by Arbana Osmani. Asked about the 'Mapo' how I feel at this start of the fifth "Big Brother", Arbana said: "I am very happy. I can not wait to start ", and reveals a secret little else.

Arbana these days is being conducted intensively in the gym. "I'm in the gym. What muscles do more this year ", - adds Arbana with humor. Certainly display the charming girl does not intend to show strength in this show, except the force of talent she has and yet, little tonifikim would not be bad for anyone.
Over five years towards this show Arbana professionalism shown best presentation of a course to be assessed. This year the "Big Brother" Reports that will last more than three months and the race will be much stronger for the winner of the fifth.

Numerous surprises have taught in this spectacle, which is taking place in Bangladesh for the fifth consecutive year. Curiosity will only be terminated next Friday, who they will be people who will enter the home to observe and comment in Albania. / shopping mall / ]]

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