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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Interview with Nickola Shreli by NoseyPerez

Nickola Shreli: Detroit to Hollywood and Beyond

By NoseyPerez

Nickola Shreli aka Nickname is a Detroit Native, who keeps those roots alive as he makes moves through-out Hollywood. From his small appearance in the Eminem movie, 8 Mile, to his feature in the newly DVD debuted blockbuster movie, “Abducted” featuring “Twilight” superstar Taylor Lautner and written by John Singleton. Nickola is a great actor, who showcased his acting ability in the new installment of the “Hostel” movie serious. His acting in the movie stole the show. The screenwriter, actor, and sometimes prank phone caller (to enhance his impromptu), is destined for great things. His Detroit drive and Hollywood connections seem to be a main reason that 2012 and beyond will be full of Nickola.

We got a chance to sit down with Nickname for some quick questions on his career, music, life, and everything in between. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about your career up to this point from Detroit to Hollywood?

Long road….My feet are bleeding badly from the walk. Fresh blood. (laughs)

2. The release of the DVD for the John Singleton movie, “Abduction”, just came out, it also features “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner, can you talk about that movie and working with those two giant names in the industry?

It was a great experience in my evolution as an actor . Many work hard for a long time and still don’t manage to reach this level and get an opportunity at working with the best. John Singleton is a bad dude and is one of the few cats I genuinely looked up to as a young film maker. I got a chance to see how he works first hand and become friends with him. Taylor “Team MICHIGAN” Lautner is a good kid with a next level work ethic. I just remember it being really hot and chaotic making that film …There was so much Taylor hysteria around the set ie fans crowding etc, was just crazy. You had young mothers with their babies standing around in 100 degree weather all day to catch a glimpse of this kid. Its like man, that could really fuck with someones mind…But under the circumstances, hes mad regular.

We dominated at abduction flag football.

3. Tell us about your musical side?

I play the trombone..Jus kidding. I spin a lil bit, under the alias “Nickname” …Just released a free experimental album via my site “The Dapper & Eager Sounds of Black Bile Cafe” You like the title? I have always been REALLY inspired by music. Been around music production even before filmmaking.

4. You have a movie in post production, “Mafia”, what is your character in this, and what can we expect from this?

Its a 70?s exploitation flick genre revisited..My dude Ving Rhames put me on that, He stars in it with Pam Grier & Robert Patrick.

5. Can you tell us what is on your table for 2012?

I’m gettin ready to make my directorial debut with a film I wrote entitled “LandLORD”. Were planning on shooting in Detroit this spring.

6. Do you have a Hollywood crush or anyone that you would like to meet offscreen?

Na dont get crushes anymore….I would love to hang out with Sylvester Stallone and pick his brain. That dude is a bad mofo, a living legend and people dont realize how talented a filmmaker he is/was .

7. We saw online that you worked on the 2002 release, 8 Mile, the Eminem based movie, can you tell us any stories from that?

Yea I was friends with some people on the Detroit crew and ended up gettin a job. Was a great flick that went down at the highest point of his career right in our backyard. I remember driving behind EM & his crew as they were shooting the paintball sequence with the 2nd AD. sayin to myself these are the best seats of EM Mania.

8. Do you have any last shout outs or thoughts for us? Much <3 to Lidija & Vienna

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