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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Publiku e kerkon, RTK e refuzon "Odeon"-in e Naimit dhe Mihrijes...

Bordi i RTK-se ndalon emisionin e Naimit & Mihrijes, favorizon projekte me pak te ndjekura

Me fillimin e ketij viti, drejtuesit e Radio Televizionit te Kosoves kane vendosur qe te mos vazhdojne kontraten disa projekteve ne kete televizion, mes tyre edhe emisioni shume i shikuar ‘’Odeon’’ qe udhehiqej nga Naim Abazi dhe Mihrije Braha. Cifti i famshem akoma nuk ka reaguar ne asnje menyre dhe ne asnje medium!

Para disa dite eshte nderprere nje nga emisionet me te shikuara ne RTK, ‘’Odeon’’ qe udhehiqej nga cifti i famshem Naim Abazi dhe Mihrije Braha. Drejtuesit e ketij televizioni kane menduar se nuk eshte e drejte qe te vazhdohet kontrata per nje emision (spektakel) sic eshte ‘’Odeon’’ me nje shikueshmeri shume te larte dhe nje publik prej 400 deri ne 500 persona per cdo emision. Sic mesojme ky projekt i Naimit dhe Mihrijes eshte paguar nga 5 mije euro per epizode kurse ka shume emisione dhe programe te tjera te cilat nuk kane shume shikueshmeri por qe bordi u’a ka vazhduar kontratat edhe pse paguhen me shuma marramendese.

Edhe pse redaktori pergjegjes i ketij televizioni kengetari Ilir Shaqiri e ka nenshkruar vazhdimin e kontrates, te njejten gje e ka refuzuar bordi drejtues i televizionit. Ne kete drejtim, cifti i njohur nuk eshte prononcuar ne asnje medium, madje nuk ka reaguar, por ka reaguar publiku te cilet kerkojne rikthimin e ketij spektakli ne ekranet e RTK-se. Ne anen tjeter as drejtuesit e televizionit nuk kane dhene ndonje spjegim ne lidhje me ndonjerin refuzim te ketyre projekteve, duke u arsyetuar me faktin se eshte e drejte e tyre te vendosin se kush do te fitoje trasmetimin e kush jo. Por, harrojne se jane parate nga buxheti i shtetit dhe jane qytetaret e Kosoves te vendosin se cfare te shiqojne ne ekranin per te cilin paguajne dhe taksat. Kontrata per emisionin ‘’Odeon’’ ka zgjatur diku 1 vit por me nuk do te vazhdoje ne kete televizion, derisa drejtuesit te marrin oferte nga ndonje televizion tjeter.

Sa paguhen projektet ne RTK per epizode?

Odeon (emision argetues) – 5.000 euro
Kafeneja jone (serial vendor) – 17.500 euro
Milioneri (kuiz) – 17.500 euro
Oxygen (emision argetues) – 10.000 euro

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[[ translation by google:
The RTK Board prohibits the emission of Naim & Mihrijes, favors projects less followed

With the beginning of this year, executives of Radio Television of Kosovo have decided not to continue the contract in several television projects, among them many of watching the show'' Odeon'' led by Naim Abbas and Mihrije Braha. The celebrity couple has not responded in any way and in any medium!

DSA is terminated before day one of the most watched programs in Myanmar,'' Odeon'' led by the famous couple Naim Abbas and Mihrije Braha. Television executives thought that this is not right to continue the contract for a show (spectacle) as is'' Odeon'' with a very high visibility and an audience of 400 to 500 people for each show. As we learn this project and Mihrijes Naim was paid 5 euros for the episode and there are many programs and other programs that do not have much visibility, but the board has continued to contract security escorts although maramendëse amount paid.

Although the responsible editor of this television Ilir Shaqiri singer has signed a contract extension, the same board of directors has rejected the television. In this regard, the famous couple is not pronounced in any medium, and it has reacted, but the public reacted seeking the return of this spectacle on screens of RTK. On the other hand even television executives have not given any explanation in respect of any refusal of these projects, being justified by the fact that it is their right to decide who will win and who is not transmitting. But forget that the money from the state budget and the citizens of Kosovo to decide what to look at the screen for which pay taxes. The contract for the show'' Odeon'' somewhere took a year but will not continue in the television, while the drivers take the offer from any other television.

How many paid projects in Myanmar to episode?

Odeon (fun show) - 5,000 euro
Our Café (local serial) - 17,500 euros
Millionaire (Quiz) - 17,500 euros
Oxygen (fun show) - 10,000 euros

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