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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Motrat Mustafa: Jemi aty ku na kerkon publiku...

Ku na kerkon publiku, aty do te jemi

Sahide dhe Safete Mustafa gjithnje e me shume po arrijne te rrembejne zemra te adhuruesve, dhe zeri e paraqitja e tyre ka bere qe ato te jene mjaft te kerkuara ne vend dhe jashte. Ato tani kane realizuar nje projekt te ri me te cilin jane prezantuar te gjashte motrat.

Pas vdekjes se bashkeshortit Safetja me se nje vit ka nderprere te gjitha aktivitete muzikore me perjashtim te kenges “Shpirtit tim” kushtuar Bujarit te cilen e ka lansuar gjashte muaj pas vdekjes se tij. Ato tani do te vazhdojne me angazhimet e tyre muzikore duke sjelle kenge per adhuruesit dhe duke ju mbetur besnike kenges se mirefillte shqipe respektivisht asaj popullore. Me shume per punen dhe projektet e reja te tyre, Sahidja dhe Safetja flasin per “Zerin”.

Tani sapo keni lansuar ne treg projektin me te ri muzikor, na flisni dicka rreth kenges?
- Jemi kthyer perseri ne skenen muzikore pas nje viti nderprerjeje per shkak te vdekjes se Bujarit. Vdekja e tij na ka ardhur pa pritur keshtu qe kemi qene te tronditur. Mirepo jane publiku, adhuruesit ata te cilet na detyrojne te kthehemi ne skene. Andaj ne sapo kemi realizuar nje potpuri popullore me titull “Gezuar 2012” ne te cilen kenge jemi prezantuar gjashte motrat.

Mendoni se kjo potpuri po pelqehet ne publik?
- Per aq kohe sa jemi prezantuar me kengen, vazhdimisht kemi marre kritika te mira, pozitive dhe nga ky konkludim kemi kuptuar se kenga po pelqehet ne publik. Madje kemi marre edhe shume komente nga adhuruesit te cileve u kemi munguar per nje vit. Ndersa sa i perket xhirimeve te Vitit te Ri, nuk kemi dashur qe asnjera te jemi prezente per shkak te njevjetorit te vdekjes se Bujarit. Andaj kemi preferuar qe kete potpuri ta lansojme pas Vitit te Ri.

Keni ne plan per te realizuar ndonje videoklip?
- Po, tani per tani kemi planifikuar te realizojme edhe disa kenge te reja, ku ndonjera prej tyre do te kete edhe videoklip. Mendojme se ne kete vit te realizojme edhe nje album tonin i cili do te jete i realizuar “live”.

Do te nisni edhe angazhimet tuaja neper dasma e ahengje te ndryshme muzikore?
- Po, kemi vendosur qe aty ku na kerkon publiku aty edhe te jemi prezente qofte ne ahengje te ndryshme gazmore apo edhe koncerte. Per nje vit te plot kemi anuluar te gjitha ahengjet gazmore, edhe pse na kane kerkuar shume, por kemi pasur situaten qe nuk kemi mundur assesi te kendojme.

Ndersa tani per kete vit kemi kontraktuar mjaft shume dasma e ahengje te ndryshme gazmore si ne vend ashtu edhe jashte. Jemi te privilegjuara qe publiku vazhdon te na kerkoje kudo dhe fale tyre ne tani kemi nisur perseri kengen.

Ndonje mesazh per fund?
- Falenderojme fillimisht gazeten “Zeri” qe vazhdon te jete lidere ne tregun medial. Adhuruesve u themi se tani e tutje nuk do t’u mungojme, por gjithnje do te paraqitemi me projekte te reja. Motrat Mustafa do te jene aty ku deshiron publiku, gjithnje duke kultivuar kengen e mirefillte shqipe. /kastriote bajrami/zeri/janar 2012/
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[[ translation by google:
Where the public wants us, we will be there

Mustafa Safete Sahide and increasingly are reaching the hearts of fans grabbing, and the voice of their appearance has made them to be highly sought in the country and abroad. They now have implemented a new project with which they are introduced to six sisters.

After husband's death more than a year Safeta has ceased all activities except music of the song "My Soul" Generous paid which was launched six months after his death. They will now continue with their efforts to bring songs to music fans and you remained faithful to the real song that popular Albanian respectively. More work and new projects of their own, and Safeta Sahidja speak for "Voice".

Now once you have launched the newest musical project, talk to us something about the song?
- We turn on the music scene again after a year break due to the death of generosity. His death came suddenly to us so we were shocked. But are the public, those fans who force us to go on stage. So we just have made a popular potpourri titled "Happy 2012" in which songs are introduced six sisters.

Think about this potpourri is accepted in public?
- For as long as we introduce the song, we constantly get good criticism, positive and this conclusion we understand that the song is accepted in public. Even we got many comments from fans who have been absent for a year. As for shooting the New Year, we have not had that none are present due to the anniversary of the death of generosity. Therefore we preferred to launching this potpourri after the New Year.

Do you plan to realize a video clip?
- Yes, right now we plan to implement some new songs, where any of them will have the video clip. We think that this year the album achieve a tone that would be conducted "live".

It will also start your commitment to hold a party in the marriage of different musical?
- Yes, we have decided that where the public wants us to be there even if to hold a party present various funny or even concerts. For the full year have canceled all parties, fun, even though many have asked us, but we had the situation that we could not sing any way.

And now for this year have contracted quite a lot of different weddings hold a party fun at home and abroad. We are privileged that the public continues to ask us everywhere and thanks to them we now have started the song again.

Any message for the end?
- Thanks primarily newspaper "Voice" that continues to be a leader in the media market. Fans say that from now on there will be mungojmë, but will always appear with new projects. Mustafa sisters will be where the public wants, always cultivated a genuine Albanian song. / Kastriotis song / voice / January 2012 / ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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