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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dancing With The Stars Albania 3: Lista e Plote...

Lista e plote e “Dancing with the Stars Albania”

Se shpejti (29 mars e cdo te enjte ne vazhdim) fillon edicioni i trete i “Dancing with the Stars Albania” dhe ne kemi te konfirmuar listen e plote. Ami ne skene dhe Ermali mbrapa, do te prezantojne perpara publikut 14 konkurentet e kesaj gare te cilet jane:

1.Anjeza Maja 2.Seldi 3.Elvana Gjata 4.Dren Abazi 5.Niada Saliasi 6.Vedat Ademi 7.Adelina Tahiri 8.Aferdita Dreshaj 9.Artan Imami 10.Ornela Bregu 11.Xhani Shqerra 12.Inida Gjata - Zhaku 13. Fotaq "Foto" Strakosha & 14.Bujar Kapexhiu.

Sic e shikoni lista eshte per tu admiruar dhe shume prej personazheve ne te kane provuar qe dine te kercejne. Nga reklamat e shfaqura ne Vizion Plus, duket se Ami dhe Ermali po pergatiten per nje prezantim interesant dhe ne mezi po presim premieren! Në planë të parë, ky duket si edicioni më i mirë i “DWTS Albania”!/revista albaniac/

Dancing With The Stars 3 Albania Teaser

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[[ translation by google:
Full list of "Dancing with the Stars Albania"

Soon (March 29 and continuing every Thursday) begins the third edition of "Dancing with the Stars Albania" and we have confirmed the full list. Ermali Ami on stage and back, will present to the public 14 competitors in this race who are:

1.Anjeza Peak Park 2.Seldi 3.Elvana 4.Dren Saliasi 6.Vedat Adam Abbas 5.Niada 7.Adelina Tahiri 8.Aferdita Dreshaj 9.Artan Imam 10.Ornela Coast 11.Xhani Shqerra 12.Inida Park - Zhaku 13 . Photo & 14.Bujar Kapexhiu Strakosha

As you can see the list is to be admired and many of the characters in the know have tried to jump. Ads from appearing on Vision Plus, it seems that Ami and Ermali are preparing for a presentation interesting and we could hardly expect the premiere!
/ Albaniac magazine / ]]

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