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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sherri Babastars vs Noizy, kush ke e rrahu?! [VIDEO]

BabaStars vs Noizy, kush ke e rrahu?

Reperi nga Shqiperia, Noizy, ka shfrytezuar profilin e tij ne Facebook per te demantuar se ai eshte rrahur nga BabaStars. Ai ka postuar edhe nje video, ku shfaqet shendoshe e mire dhe ku po ashtu shfaq nje stoli te nje prej anetareve te BabaStars. Te njejten gje me vone e kane bere edhe keta te fundit, me Ledrin qe e ka ftuar Noizyn per duel tjeter ne Zurich.

Ngjarja e cila besohet te kete ndodhur ne aeroportin e Zurichut ne ora 9:00 te mengjesit ka pasur per protagoniste anetaret e ‘labelit’ BabaStars dhe reperin e OTR, Noizyn, ashtu si nje mik te ketij te fundit. Burimet e Telegrafit kane konfirmuar se Noizy ka pesuar lendime dhe se eshte rrahur nga BabaStars, por kete e ka demantuar reperi kontravers.

“Ne Zurich ne gjendje shume te mire. Thuju atyre ta bejne nje video tani pasi Noizy e beri hahahahahha”, eshte shprehur Noizy ne profilin e tij ne Facebook.

Me poshte mund te shihni dhe videon ne te cilen Noizy ‘reklamon’ pjeset e trupit te tij ne ora 15:00, vetem 20 minuta pas lansimit te lajmit nga ana jone. Noizy ne kete video po ashtu ka shfaqur nje stoli e cila besohet se i takon nje prej figurave kryesore te BabaStars, Ledrit.

Nga ana tjeter, disa ore pas rrahjes, anetari i BabaStars, Visar Shala, ka postuar nje fotografi ku eshte shfaqur shendoshe e mire dhe pa shenja nga rrahja. Pos Visarit, ne Twitter eshte shprehur edhe Ledri, i cili ka shkruar:

“A osht bajram sot a?! Se i kena pre dy kurbana per hapjen e Duplex-Club ne Zurich Mo-fo City1 haha That’s What’s Up, BabaStars”, ka theksuar Ledri duke i quajtur anetaret e OTR, Noizyn dhe Onzinon si kurbane pas rrahjes.

Keshtu, ende nuk dihet sakt se kush ke e ka rrahur, por nje gje eshte e sigurte – Percarjet dhe konfliktet mes repereve shqiptare jo qe do te ndalen, por vetem sa jane intensifikuar pas ketij incidenti. /telegrafi/

Noizy Video:

Babastars Video:

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[[ translation by google:
BabaStars vs. Noizy, who beat whom?

Rapper from Albania, Noizy, has used his Facebook profile to denying that he was beaten by BabaStars. He has also posted a video, which appears safe and sound and that also shows an ornament of a member of BabaStars. The same thing later on become the latter, with LEDRIN Noizy that called for another duel in Zurich.

The event, which is believed to have occurred in the Zürich airport at 9:00 am has been for members of the protagonists 'labeli' BabaStars and rapper of OTR, Noizy, as a friend of the latter. Telegraph sources have confirmed that Noizy has suffered injuries and had been beaten by BabaStars, but the controversial rapper has denied.

"In Zurich in very good condition. Thuju them to do a video now after hahahahahha Noizy did, "said Noizy on his Facebook profile.

Below you can see and Noizy video in which 'advertises' parts of his body at 15:00, just 20 minutes after the release of news from our side. Noizy in the video also showed an ornament which is believed to belong to one of the major figures BabaStars, LEDRIN.

On the other hand, several hours after the beating, member BabaStars, Visar Shala, has posted a photograph appeared unharmed and without signs of beating. Besides Visar, Twitter is expressed LEDRIN, who has written:

"Is today a bajram osht? Henna prey that two sacrifices for the opening of Duplex-Club in Zurich Mo-Fo City1 haha That's What's Up, BabaStars "said LEDRIN calling members of the OTR, as sacrifice Onzinon Noizy and after beating.

So, still not known precisely who has beaten whom, but one thing is certain - the divisions and conflicts between Albanian benchmarks that will not stop, but only intensified after the incident. / telegraph / ]]

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