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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Aferdita, Seldi dhe Xhani rikthehen ne Dancing With The Stars...

Aferdita, Seldi dhe Xhani rikthehen ne “DANCING”

Sic eshte thene qe ne naten e pare te "Dancing With the Stars", surprizat ne formulen e garimit ne kete edicion nuk kane te sosur. Formula e re qe producentja perfshiu ne garen e ketij viti ishte e njohur ne te gjitha realizimet e ketij spektakli ne Itali, Amerike, Angli etj., pra rimarrja ne gare e te eliminuarve gjate javeve te ndryshme. Keshtu qe, ne fillim te puntates se kesaj te enjteje u tha se do te hapej votimi per te shtate te eliminuarit, ne te cilet nuk u perfshi Artan Imami, qe eshte larguar me deshire nga gara per arsye shendetesore. Producentja Holta Dulaku vendosi qe ne baze te votave te publikut, i cili kishte mundesi te votonte gjate gjithe nates, te riktheje ne gare tre prej shtate te eliminuarve. Ne fund te votimit, u shpallen te rikthyer Xhani Shqerra, Aferdita Dreshaj dhe Seldi Qalliu.

Ata do te vijne ne javen e ardhshme, te barabarte me konkurrentet e mbetur. Nje tjeter vecanti e kesaj puntate ishin kercimet popullore shqiptare qe realizuan ciftet. Te gjithe i shijuan vallet e kostumet popullore qe perfshinin te gjithe Shqiperine. Konkurrentet e “Dancing” realizuan me sukses vallen e Tiranes, Librazhdit, Kosoves, Dropullit e Tropojes. Cudia tjeter, qe sic u pa ishte ruajtur sekret per te gjithe, ishte falja e eliminimit per kete nate. Te emocionuar, tre konkurrentet qe rrezikonin te shkonin ne ‘ dance off’, e te humbisnin keshtu te drejten per te vazhduar garen, kane shpetuar te gjithe. Keshtu, ne spektaklin e radhes do te shohim ne skene plot nente cifte. Por, ndersa finalja e madhe eshte shume afer, fiks pas tre javesh, formula e garimit dhe e eliminimit eshte bere vertete nje mister. Se sa cifte do te shkojne ne finale e se si do te behen eliminimet, asgje nuk dihet me. Surpriza te medha na presin ne keto tri jave te fundit te “Dancing With The Stars”. Producentja po eksploron formula te suksesshme, per te mos e mbajtur ne rutine kete gare, por per te cuditur e mbajtur ne ankth gjithkend, deri ne shpalljen e fituesit te madh./bluetooth/
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[[ translation by google:
Venus, Seldi and Gianni return to "Dancing"

As is said in the first night of "Dancing With the Stars" competition in the formula surprises in this edition do not have no end. The new formula that producer included in this year's race was known in all the realizations of this spectacle in Italy, America, England etc.., That reversal in the race of eliminuarve during different weeks. Thus,
at the beginning of this enjteje puntatës said it would open voting for the seven eliminated, in which the Imam was not included Artan, which is readily removed from the race for health reasons. Dulaku Holta producer decided that based on public votes, which was able to vote throughout the night, to return to the race three of seven eliminuarve. At the end of voting, was declared restore Shqerra Gianni, and Documentary Untitled Qalliu. They will come in next week, equal to the remaining competitors. Another peculiarity of this puntatat Albanian folk dances that were performed couples. We all enjoyed folk costumes dances involving the entire country. Competitors of "Dancing" dance performed successfully in Tirana, Librazhd Kosovo Dropullit Tropoja. Another miracle, which was preserved as no secret to anyone, was praying for this night's elimination. Excited, three competitors who threatened to go to 'dance off', and thus lose the right to continue the race, all were saved. Thus, the spectacle of the next stage will see the full nine pairs. But as the grand finale is very close, fixed after three weeks, the formula of competition and the elimination was indeed a mystery. How many couples will go into how the final elimination will be made, nothing is known. Major surprises await us in these last three weeks of "Dancing With The Stars". Producer is exploring successful formula, not routinely held in this race, but to keep the surprise of everyone anxious, until the announcement of major winners. / Bluetooth / ]]

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