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Monday, 21 May 2012

Big Brother Albania 5, Nata Finale me 26 Maj!

Genta, Ermali, Liami, Arbri dhe Franceska jane shpallur zyrtarisht si finaliste te edicionit te peste te “Big Brother Albania”, ekskluzivitet i Top-Channel.

Nderkaq, ka perfunduar vetem nje hap larg finales aventura e Erjonit, i cili me votat e publikut u largua nga shtepia me e ndjekur ne shtepi.

”Momenti me i bukur qe kam perjetuar atje brenda ka qene hyrja, momenti ne te cilin u vendos qe do te isha pjese e kesaj shtepie. E kam te veshtire te zgjedh nje moment tjeter te caktuar”, deklaroi Erjoni ne studio pas eliminimit. “I gjithe perjetimi ishte nje aventure, qe nuk e di a do te kem shans qe ta perjetoj perseri”.

I pyetur se cilin nga banoret Erjoni ka arritur te respektoje dhe te vleresoje me te vertete, ai u shpreh: ”Do te thoja Ermali dhe jam 98% i sigurt, sepse eshte nje djale qe ka patur te vetmen lidhje te vertete brenda ne shtepi, por nuk e ka perdorur asnjehere lidhjen e tij qe te perfitoje ne loje ose te beje lojen e dikujt tjetri. Sic ka hyre ashtu do te dale, deri ne momentin e fundit ashtu do te jete. Te njejten gje mund te them edhe per Francesken. Nuk e ka perdorur asnjehere lidhjen e saj brenda ne loje”.

Per here te pare qe prej mesimit se fotot e saj intime u bene publike dhe qarkulluan ne media dhe internet, Genta u perball me reagimin e nenes se saj per to.

Nje jave perpara perfundimit te “Big Brother”, edhe banoret e tjere kane ndare nga dhoma e rrefimit momentet e tyre te kesaj pervoje unike ne jete me publikun e prinderit e tyre.

Nata finale, ne te cilen njeri prej finalisteve do te kurorezohet fitues dhe do te marre cmimin e madh do te transmetohet drejtepersedrejti ne “Top-Channel”, te shtunen e dates 26 maj. /top channel/

Ndiq kroniken:

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[[ translation by google:
Genta, Ermali, Liami, Arbri and Francis are officially announced as finalists in the fifth edition of "Big Brother", Top-Channel franchise.

Meanwhile, has just completed a final step away Erjonit adventure, which the public votes left home on the track at home.

"The most beautiful moment in there that I experienced was the introduction, the point at which it was decided that I would be part of this house. I have a hard time choosing a different set point, "said Erjoni studio after elimination. "The whole experience was an adventure, do not know whether I will have chance to experience again."

Asked which of the residents Erjoni managed to respect and appreciate the fact, he said: "I would say Ermali and I'm 98% sure, because he is a guy who has been the only real connection within the home, but there has never used his connection to benefit the game or make one other game. As you entered will also come up at the last moment and will be. The same can also say Francesca. There has never used its connection within the game. "

For the first time since learning that her intimate photos were published and circulated in the media and internet, Genta faced her mother's reaction to them.

A week before the "Big Brother", the other residents of the rooms have shared their moments of the story of this unique experience in public life with their parents.

Final night in which one of the finalists will be crowned the winner and will receive the grand prize will be transmitted directly to the "Top Channel", on Saturday 26 May. / top channel / ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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