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Friday, 18 May 2012

Dancing With The Stars Albania 3: Aferdita Dreshaj eliminohet!

Eliminohet Aferdita Dreshaj [VIDEO]

Ka qene si gjithmone emocionues vendimi i radhes per largimin e nje prej personazheve VIP nga Dancing Albania, por mbremjen e te enjtes sfida vuri perballe dy bukuroshe dhe mikesha te ngushta, duke e bere eliminimin me te veshtire dhe prekes. Aferdita Dreshaj, u largua keshtu nga gara me e madhe e kercimit ne ekranet shqiptare, per te lene ne spektakel kengetaren Adelina Tahiri. Me heret gjate mbremjes 7 yjet e mbetur ne gare, performuan edhe kete puntate ne disiplina te ndryshme qe nga klasiku vals e deri tek sensualja rumba, ku personazhet si cdo te enjte u veshen me elegance nga Ardi Asllani. Produksioni i “Tring Dixhital” e “Vizion Plus”, i cili i kushtohet teresisht kercimit dhe emocioneve qe te fal ai, nisi ne fakt me nje homazh kushtuar mjeshtrit te koreografise, Agron Aliaj, i cili u nda nga jeta paraditen e te enjtes.

E ftuar speciale ishte edhe kengetarja Besa me nje nga hitet e saj me te reja, por e vecanta e mbremjes mes surprizave ishte musicali qe stafi i balerineve profesioniste, personazheve VIP, Anjeza Shahinit, Albi Xhepes dhe orkestrimit te vecante te Alfred Kacinarit, prezantuan nen ritmet e kengeve me te bukura te legjendareve Queen. /vizion plus/


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[[ translation by google:
Aferdita Dreshaj eliminated

It was always exciting as the next decision to remove a VIP from Dancing characters from Albania, but Thursday night pitted two lovely challenge and close friend, making elimination more difficult and poignant. Aferdita Dreshaj, from the race left so the biggest jump in Albanian screens, let us show singer Adelina Tahiri. Earlier in the evening 7 stars left in the race this puntatat also performed in various disciplines from the classic to the sensual waltz and rumba, where the characters as each Thursday dressed in elegance by Anil Aslani. Production the "Tring Digital" and "Vision Plus", which is devoted entirely to dance and emotions fly, he actually began with a homage paid to master choreography, Aliaj Agron, who died Thursday morning. Special guest was the singer of hits Besa with its new, but the special of the evening between musicali surprises was that the staff of professional dancers, VIP personalities, Anjeza Shahini, Albi and orchestrating special Xhepes Alfred Kaçinarit, presented under rates of the most beautiful songs the legendary Queen. vision / plus / ]]

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