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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Eneda Tarifaj dhe Erjon Zaloshnja pritet te behen prinder...

Moderatorja e "Portokallise" dhe kompozitori Erjon Zaloshnja pritet te behen prinder

Pritja e embel e ENEDA TARIFES

Ajo eshte nje prej vajzave me te dashura te ekranit. Ndersa ai, pervecse nje kompozitor i njohur, se fundmi eshte kthyer edhe ne nje producent te suksesshem klipesh. Eneda Tarifa, kengetare dhe njeheresh prezantuese e spektaklit te humorit “Portokalli” se bashku me parterin e saj, muzikantin Erjon Zaloshnja, pritet te behen prinder. Lajmi qarkullon prej disa ditesh ne formen e nje thashethemi korridoreve te “Top Channel”, por burime te "Bluetooth" e kane konfirmuar ate si te vertete. Erjoni dhe Eneda jetojne prej 15-vitesh nje histori te bukur dashurie, e cila se fundmi do te celebrohet ne formen me te mire, permes nje femije.

Eneda, e ftuar disa muaj me pare ne nje studio televizive, ka deklaruar se ardhja ne jete e nje femije do ta gezonte shume. Ndonese cifti nuk e ka shpallur ende martesen, lidhja e tyre ka provuar se eshte nje prej me te qendrueshmeve ne historine e showbiz-it shqiptar. Urojme qe cifti simpatik te jetoje bukur cdo moment gjate kesaj kohe, ne pritje per t'u bere prinder. /bluetooth/
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[[ translation by google:
oderator of "Portokallise" and composer Erjon Zaloshnja expected to become parents

sweet Wait Ened TARIFF

It is one of the girls wanted to display. While he, but a famous composer, recently turned in a successful producer of clips. Eneda Fee, singer and presenter simultaneously the spectacle of humor "orange" along with its minor partner, musician Erjon Zaloshnja expected to become parents. The news circulated for several days in the form of a rumor corridors "Top Channel", but sources "Bluetooth" and have confirmed it as true. Eneda Erjoni and 15-years of living a beautiful love story, which finally will be celebrated in the best shape, through a child. Eneda, invited several months ago in a television studio, said that the arrival of a child in your life will greatly enjoyed. Although the couple has not yet declared marriage, their relationship has proven to be one of the most stable in the history of Albanian's showbiz. We wish that charming couple nice live every moment during this time, waiting to become parents. / bluetooth ]]

Gossip definition

Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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