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Monday, 18 June 2012

Adelina Emini, se shpejti lanson albumin e pare...

Adelina se shpejti lanson albumin e pare

Adelina Emini, nje emer mjaft dominues ne skenen muzikore. Puna dhe suksesi i saj po bejne qe ajo cdo dite e me shume te rrembeje zemra te shume adhuruesve. Ajo tani eshte e angazhuar ne realizimin e albumit te saj i cili shume shpejt do te jete ne duar te adhuruesve.

Posa te lansoje albumin, ajo ka vendosur t’i beje disa jave pushim ne ndonje vend bregdetar jashte vendit, por edhe kete vit ajo do te jete bashke me familjen e saj, duke mos takuar ende personin e dashur. Rreth kenges, planeve per te ardhmen flet Adelina per “Zerin”.

Se fundi keni fituar cmimin e publikut ne “Video Fest-in Muzikor”, mendoni se ky cmim ju ka takuar me merite juve?

Jam shume e kenaqur qe arrita te shperblehem pikerisht me kete cmim, sepse mendoj qe eshte vleresimi me i mire dhe real qe mund t’i jepet kengetarit. Eshte cmimi me i rendesishem per kengetarin sepse publiku eshte ai qe di te vleresoje me se miri kengen dhe videoklipin. Publiku eshte ai qe te shtyn te besh kenge e videoklipe te mira. Andaj jam me fat qe e mora cmimin e publikut dhe perderisa e kam fituar une mendoj se edhe e kam merituar.

Ju mbeti mendja edhe te ndonje cmim tjeter?

Kam qene e nominuar ne dy kategori, ne kategorine e bashkepunimit me te mire dhe regjia me e mire e videoklipit “Tipsy”. Dhe padyshim secili kengetar i nominuar pret te rrembeje ndonje cmim, megjithekete ne keto dy kategori nuk u shperbleva, por te them te drejten u shperbleva edhe me mire nga i gjithe publiku shqiptar.

Me cfare jeni e angazhuar momentalisht?

Aktualisht jam ne finalizimin e albumit tim te pare, shpresoj te realizohet ashtu sic po mendoj une. Megjithate jemi duke bere nje pune te madhe ne menyre qe albumi im te pelqehet nga te gjithe.

Cfare pretendoni te arrini me kengen?

Kenga per mua mbetet si pasion dhe gjithsesi mundohem qe te punoj kenge te mira dhe me kualitet. Dhe ne fakt kete temp dua ta vazhdoj gjithnje, duke bere qe adhuruesit ta pelqejne gjithmone kengen time.

Cfare po punon Adelina jashte kenges?

Jam e ngarkuar me pune ne profesionin tim si ekonomiste ne Radio Televizionin Publik te Kosoves. Dhe njekohesisht po e shijoj perfundimin e masterit ne Marketing qe kam mbrojtur me suksese ne muajin shkurt.

Sukseset tuaja nuk po mungojne ne asnje aspekt, por e zbehte duket vetem ajo pjesa sentimentale, cfare do te na thuash per te?

(Qesh) Nuk kam se cfare te them per jeten time private, natyrisht se ende nuk kam takuar djaloshin e endrrave te mia, po i shijoj ende ditet e beqarise.

Cfare planesh ke per kete sezon vere?

Po mendoj te jem pjesemarrese ne festivalin “Kenga Magjike”. Plan tjeter eshte lansimi i albumit dhe pergatitja per videoklipe te reja.

Kur dhe me ke do t’i kalosh pushimet verore?

Pushimet verore do t’i kaloj me njerezit me te dashur te mi, me familjen time. Nderkaq sa i perket vendit nuk kemi vendosur ende por me siguri do te jete ndonje vend bregdetar jashte vendit. Sapo ta lansoj albumin menjehere do te nisemi per pushime. /kastriote bajrami/zeri/
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[[ translation by google:
Adelina soon launches first album

Adelina Emini, a name quite dominant in the music scene. Work and its success doing it every day more and more to snatch the heart of many fans. She is now engaged in the realization of her album which will soon be in the hands of fans.Once you launch the album, she decided to do a few weeks vacation in a coastal country abroad, but this year it will be with her family, not the person had not met yet. About the song, talks future plans Adelina for "Voice".Have recently won the audience award in the "Video Music Fest-in", you think that this award has met with credit to you?I am very pleased that I managed to just rewarded with this award, because I think that is the best estimate and may be given a real singer. The most important is the price for singer because the public is one who knows best assess and vidoklipin song. The public is pushing it to do good vidoklipe song. So I am lucky that I got the audience award, and while I've won I think that I deserved.You left the mind of any other price?I was nominated in two categories, the category of better cooperation and better directing the video clip "Tipsy". And obviously each nominated singer expects to snatch a prize, yet in these two categories were not rewarded, but to be honest was better rewarded by the entire Albanian public.With what are you currently engaged?Currently I am finalizing my first album, I hope I realized as I think. However we are doing a great job on my album so universally admired.What claim to get the song?The song remains a passion for me and still trying to work the best songs and quality. And in fact want to continue this pace forever, causing fans to always love my song.What is working Adelina out song?I'm loaded with work in my profession as an economist at the Radio Television of Kosovo. My taste and also the completion of the MSc in Marketing which I defended successfully in February.Your successes are not lacking in any aspect, but it just looks pale sentimental part, what would you say to us?(Laughs) I do not know what to say about my private life, of course, still have not met the boy of my dreams, I still relish the days of celibacy.What plans do you have for this summer season?I'm thinking of participating in the festival "Song Magic". Another plan is the launch of the album and preparing for new clips.When and with whom will spend the summer holidays?Summer vacations will spend with the people most dear to me, with my family. Meanwhile as to the place we have not decided yet but will surely be a coastal country abroad. Once you launch album will immediately depart for the holidays. / Kastriotis song / voice / ]]

Gossip definition

Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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