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Friday, 8 June 2012

Dancing With The Stars Albania 3: Aferdita & Adelina eliminohen!

“Dancing”, 6 yje finaliste ne gare [VIDEO]

Nuk kane arritur te jene ne finale dy konkurrentet bukuroshe te “Dancing with the Stars Albania”, Aferdita Dreshaj dhe Adelina Tahiri. Dy mikeshat kane qene te larguarat e mbremjes gjysmefinale te spektaklit te suksesshem te “Tring Dixhital” e “Vizion Plus”, si me pak te votuarat mes kombinimit te pikeve te jurise dhe publikut, pa u perballur keshtu ne sfiden “Dance Off”. Me heret, gjate mbremjes, tete personazhet e mbetur ne gare kane percjelle emocione te forta, per shkak te sfides e cila kete gjysmefinale do te percaktonte yjet qe do te garojne te enjten e javes tjeter per trofeun e “Dancing Albania 3”. Plot 8 disiplina te ndryshme ishin gjinite ku personazhet VIP performuan kete puntate. Pjese e spektaklit, qe gjithmone ofron surpriza e te ftuar, ishte edhe kengetarja Argjentina Ramosaj me nje nga kenget hit te saj.

Por performanca kryesore e mbremjes ishte dedikimi qe produksioni i “Dancing with the Stars” beri si pjese e 100-vjetorit te Pavaresise me kenge e valle patriotike te interpretuara nga trupa e balerineve profesioniste dhe personazheve VIP. Tashme, cmimi i madh, i cili do te jete nje apartament luksoz, pervec trofeut te “Dancing 3”, pritet te ndahet mes 6 yjeve qe do te dhurojne spektakel ne puntaten finale te 14 qershorit. /vizion plus/


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[[ translation by google:
"Dancing" star 6 finalists in the race

There have managed to be in the final two competitors lovely to "Dancing with the Stars Albania", Untitled and Adelina Tahiri. Two girlfriend have been relegated to the evening semifinals successful spectacle of "Tring Digital" and "Vision Plus", as rated less between the combined scores of the jury and the public, without facing so we challenge "Dance Off". Earlier this evening, eight characters are left in the race convey emotions, because of the challenge which this semifinal will determine the stars who will compete on Thursday of next week for the trophy of "Dancing Albania 3". Plot 8 different disciplines where the sexes were performed this puntatat VIP characters. Part of the spectacle, which always offers surprises of the guests, was the Argentine singer Ramosaj with one of her hit songs. But the main performances of the evening was the dedication that the production of "Dancing with the Stars" made ​​as part of the 100-year anniversary of Independence with patriotic songs and dances performed by the bodies of professional dancers and VIP characters. Now, the grand prize, which will be a luxury apartment, except Trophy to "Dancing 3", is expected to be shared between the 6 stars that will donate puntaten final show in June 14. vision / plus / ]]

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