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Friday, 1 June 2012

Dancing With The Stars Albania 3: Seldi eliminohet (Perseri!)

Iken perseri pas rikthimit Seldi nga DWTS

Nuk ka arritur ta shijoje me shume se nje puntate rikthimin e tij ne “Dancing with the Stars”. Seldi, si me pak i votuari nga kombinimi i pikeve mes jurise dhe publikut eshte vendosur balle per balle bukuroshes Adelina Tahiri ne sfiden “Dance Off”. Mes nje Mamboje dhe nje Rumba, te dyja jo fort te pelqyera nga Ilir Shaqiri, u zgjodh performanca e Adelines. Ndryshe nga mbremjet e shkuara, ne puntaten e te enjtes te spektaklit te suksesshem te “Tring Dixhital” e “Vizion Plus”, u vune ne gare 9 personazhe VIP, pas rikthimit me votat e publikut te tre prej te larguarve si Aferdita Dreshaj, Seldi Qalliu dhe Xhani Shqerra. Yjet performuan ne gjini te ndryshme nga Pasodoble, Charleston, Tango apo Samba. Por kjo nuk ishte e vetmja performance e personazheve VIP ne mbremjen e te enjtes, vetem dy puntata larg finales se madhe.

Te gjithe se bashku, ata u vendosen ne pisten e kercimit ku ne menyre krejt spontane prezantuan ato levizje qe kane mesuar deri tani, teksa juria iu therriste emrat. Kejsi Tola ishte e ftuara speciale e “Dancing With the Stars”, e cila interpretoi te enjten mbrema nje prej kengeve hit. /vizion plus/


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[[ translation by google:
Seldi departed again after returning from DWTS

Were able to enjoy more than a puntatat his return in "Dancing with the Stars". Documentary, as little voting by the combination of points between the jury and the public is placed face to face the challenge Beauty Adelina Tahiri "Dance Off". Among a Mamboje and Rumba, both not very liked by Ilir Shaqiri performance was selected Adelina. Unlike past evenings, we puntaten Thursday's successful spectacle of "Tring Digital" and "Vision Plus", were in the race 9 VIP people, after returning to public votes to three of leavers as Untitled, Documentary Qalliu and Gianni Shqerra. The stars performed in different genres from Pasodoble, Charleston, Tango or Samba. But this was not the only performance of the VIP personalities in the evening of Thursday, only two puntatat away the big final. All together, they were placed in the dance track where we presented them spontaneously moves that have learned so far, while the jury was called names. Kejsi Tola was the special guest of "Dancing With the Stars", which performed on Thursday evening one of the songs hit. vision / plus / ]]

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