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Monday, 18 June 2012

Remzije Osmani, kenge per Ukshin Hotin...

Kenge per Ukshin Hotin

Kengetarja Remzije Osmani, momentalisht eshte duke punuar ne albumin e saj me te ri “Per mua je kryeveper”, i cili pritet te dale brenda ketij muaji.

Sipas Remzijes, albumi permban nente kenge dhe te gjitha percojne nje mesazh te caktuar te publiku. Karakteristike e ketij albumi, sipas Remzijes, eshte edhe kenga kushtuar Ukshin Hotit, i cili ishte nje njeri i madh per Kosoven.

“Kam menduar kohe me pare qe t’ia kushtoj nje kenge Ukshin Hotit, veprat e tij nuk i harron asnjehere Kosova”, ka thene ajo per “Zeri”.

Ne kete album Remzija ka bashkepunuar me kompozitoret Ilir Berani, Edi Balili, Virusi dhe Enver Ibrahimi, dhe me tekstshkruesit Armand Trebicka, Avni Qaili dhe Agron Jashari.

“Kenget te gjitha kane nje motiv te caktuar, ku nje pjese e tyre i kendohet dashurise. Ndersa sa i perket zhanrit thuajse te gjitha jane me zhaner popullore”, shton ajo.

Albumin “Per mua je kryeveper” Remzija do ta lansoje bashke edhe me videoklipin e kenges “Cikat e kurbetit”, te cilin do ta realizoje me produksionin “Urban Graphics”.

Ajo gjate kesaj sezone vere do te jete e pranishme aty ku e kerkon publiku bashke me Nexhatin. Ndersa ne muajin shtator planifikon te realizoje videoklipin e balades “Per mua je kryeveper”. /k.bajrami/zeri/
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Song for Ukshin Hoti

Remzije singer Osman is currently working on her album on the new "For me art masterpiece", which is expected to come within this month. According Remzijes, the album contains nine songs and all convey a specific message to the public. Characteristic of this album, according Remzijes is also a song dedicated to Ukshin Hoti, who was a great one for Kosovo. "I thought long ago to dedicate a song to Ukshin Hoti, his works do not ever forget Kosovo," she told the "Voice". In this album has collaborated with composers Remzija Ilir Berani, Edi Balili, virus and Enver Ibrahim, and Armand tekstshkruesit Trebicka, Avni Qaili and Jashari Agron. "The tracks all have a certain motif, where a portion of their love of singing. While in terms of genre almost all are popular genre, "she adds. Album "For me art masterpiece" Remzija will launch together with the video clip of the song "daughters of kurbetit", which will be realized with the production "Urban Graphics". It is during this summer season will be present where the public demands with Nexhati. While in September plans to implement video clip balades "For me art masterpiece." / k.bajrami / voice / ]]

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