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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shyhrete Behluli me album te ri

Se shpejti me album te ri

Aktualisht kengetarja Shyhrete Behluli eshte e angazhuar ne pergatitjen e albumit te ri, i cili se shpejti do te jete ne duar te adhuruesve. Pasi eshte duke bere nje pune te madhe ne kete projekt, ajo pretendon se albumi do te pelqehet ne publik.

Sipas Shyhretes, albumi do te permbaje tete kenge, ku gjashte prej tyre jane kenge te reja te padegjuara deri me tani, ndersa dy te tjera jane kenge te riperpunuara.

“Jam duke punuar albumin e ri te cilin nuk e kam emeruar ende, por jemi ne perfundim te tij. Kenget kane tematika te ndryshme dhe besoj se do t’i pelqeje publiku”, ka thene ajo per “Zeri”.

Sa i perket zhanrit te kengeve, do te kete disa balada dhe zhanre popullore ritmike. Shyhretja eshte munduar qe ne kete album te realizoje kenge per te gjitha shijet e degjuesve.

Kenget jane te pergatitura nga Ilir Berani, Alban Fortuna, Fatos Canolli etj. Ndersa sipas Shyhretes, albumi do te lansohet bashke edhe me nje videoklip, te cilin ajo do ta punoje me produksionet vendore. /k.bajrami/zeri/
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[[ translation by google:
Soon with new album

Currently Shyhrete lyrics singer is engaged in the preparation of the new album, which will soon be in the hands of fans. After it's doing a great job on this project, she claims that the album will be acceptable to the public.

According Shyhretes, the album will contain eight tracks, with six of them are new songs unheard until now, while the other two tracks are recovered.

"I'm working on a new album which I have not named yet, but we are at its conclusion. Songs have different themes and I believe will please the public, "she told the" Voice ".

Regarding the genre of songs, there will be some ballads and rhythmic popular genres. Shyhrete is trying to accomplish on this album of songs for all tastes of listeners.

Songs are prepared by Ilir Berani, Alban Fortuna, Fatos Canolli etc.. While under Shyhretes, the album will be launched along with a video clip, where she will work with local productions. / k.bajrami / voice /]]

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