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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Adelina Biba, ne finalen e "Elite Model Look"

photo by olivia bossert
”Elite Model Look”, pas Emina Cunmulajt, Adelina Biba synon finalen e ketij spektakli

Qindra vajza e kane enderruar kete rast, por jo te gjitha kane pasur mundesine te behen pjese e gares. Adelina Biba eshte shqiptarja e dyte pas Emina Cunmulajt qe arrin deri ne finale te spektaklit ‘’Elite Model Look’’ te Zvicres. Nga data 20 gusht ka filluar votimi per 12 finalistet, mes te cilave eshte dhe kosovarja Adelina Biba. Eshte vetem 16 vjec, e gjate 178 cm dhe me permasa 86-63-84 dhe banore e Lozanes. Modelet e preferuara te saj jane Gisele Bundchen dhe Angela Martini, ndersa pelqen gjithashtu edhe nobelistin Marc Levy, si dhe aktoren e njohur Jenifer Aniston, e cila i duket shume e sinqerte dhe unike. Keto jane disa nga fjalet qe ka thene Adelina Biba ne video-prezantimin e saj per mediat zvicerane. Nese arrin ta fitoje kete konkurs, Adelina do te vazhdoje suksesin e Emines, e cila hapat e pare ne modelizmin profesional i nisi pikerisht nga ky spektakel… /panorama plus/

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[[ translation by google:
"Elite Model Look" after Emina Cunmulaj, Adelina Biba aims of this show finale

Hundreds of girls have dreamed of this case, but not all have had the opportunity to be part of the race. Adelina Albanian Biba is second to Emina Cunmulaj reaches final of spectacle'' Elite Model Look Switzerland''. On August 20 began voting for the 12 finalists, among which is the Kosovars Adelina Biba. It is only 16 years old, 178 cm long and 86-63-84 proportions and residents of Lausanne. Her favorite models Gisele Bundchen and Angela Martini, and also like Nobel Prize winner Marc Levy, and famous actress Jenifer Aniston, which seems very honest and unique. These are some of the words said Adelina Biba in its video presentation for Swiss media. If you manage to win this competition, Adelina will continue Emines success, that the first steps in professional modelizmin started exactly from this show ... / panorama plus /]]

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