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Friday, 10 August 2012

Pjesetaret e grupit TBA, Klepto, Jetoni dhe Presioni arrestohen nga policia...

Arrestohen grupi TBA

Pas nje spektakli qe kane shfaqur ne Vushtrri, disa prej antareve kryesore te TBA, Klepto, Jetoni dhe Presioni jane arrestuar nga policia pas nje incidenti jashte ambienteve ku eshte mbajtur koncerti i repereve.

Telegrafi ka mesuar ne oret e hershme te mengjesit se gjate mbremjes se kaluar ne Morena club ne Vushtrri, grupi TBA mbajti nje prej koncerteve te shumta te tyre kete vere. Pasi performuan per te pranishmit, duke dalur nga lokali, pas nje mos marreveshje, nje prej anetareve ka shtene me arme zjarri.

Klepto rrefen ekskluzivisht per Telegrafin ate qe ka ndodhur mbremjen e kaluar.

“Ishte nje mos marreveshje kur kemi dalur nga clubi Morena ne Vushtrri. Kemi shtene kater here para 500 personave dhe me pas kemi ikur nga policia. Ne proces na kane bllokuar pese vetura te policise, ndersa me pas na kane shtrire per toke dhe na kane mbajtur ne paraburgim deri ne mengjes”, ka deklaruar Klepto.

Tashme te gjithe anetaret e TBA jane te liruar, ndersa pos Jetonit dhe Presionit te cilet nuk do te ngarkohen nga gjykata, eshte Klepto ai qe pritet te dale para gjykates per armembajtje pa leje.

TBA eshte duke perfunduar turneun e madh neper trojet shqiptare, i cili filloi me performancen e tyre ne Stadiumin e Prishtines, ku performoi edhe Unikkatilit dhe qe vazhdoi edhe me koncerte te vogla neper shume qytete shqiptare.

Klepto, Jetoni dhe Presioni ishin pjese e koncertit te madh te 15 korrikut, ku ishin te pranishem rreth 20 mije persona, ndersa telashet me ligjin vijne pikerisht ne kohen kur TBA ka marre primatin mbi skenen e hip-hopit shqiptar. /Telegrafi/
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[[ translation by google:
TBA group arrested

After a spectacle that have emerged in Vushtrri, some leading members of the TBA, Klepto, Live and pressure have been arrested by police after an incident outside the premises where the concert was held milestone.

Telegraph has learned in the early morning hours than during the previous evening in the club Morena Vushtrri TBA group held one of their numerous concerts this summer. Having performed for attendees, as we left the bar, after a disagreement, one of the members has shot.

Klepto relates exclusively to telegraph what happened last night.

"It was not a deal when we get out of Morena Club Vushtrri. We shot four times before and then 500 people have fled from police. In the process we have blocked five police vehicles and subsequently lying to us and detained us until morning, "said Klepto.

Now all members of the TBA are released and pressure but you live and who will not be charged by the court, he Klepto is expected to stand trial for weapons possession.

TBA is a great tournament finishing in the Albanian lands, which began with their performance in Pristina Stadium where Victor performed well and continued with small concerts in many Albanian cities.

Klepto, Live and pressure were part of the great concert of 15 July, attended by about 20 thousand people, and trouble with the law come just when the TBA has taken primacy over hip-hop scene Albanian. / Telegraph / ]]

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