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Monday, 17 September 2012

Alban Dudushi: Spektakli im me i ri "Minute to win it"...

Alban Dudushi, show me te pasionuarit e lojerave te fatit

Eshte loje e veshtire, pasi ne 60 sekonda ata qe marrin persiper te luajne ne nje ekran televiziv, do te duhet te fitojne. Ne “Top Channel” kane nisur audicionet e spektaklit me te ri per kete sezon, dhe qe thuhet se do te moderohet nga Alban Dudushi. Pas shkrirjes se spektaklit “E Diell”, Xhemi Shehu dhe Alban Dudushi do te prezantojne dy “patenta” te reja nderkombetare. Spektakli i Xhemi Shehut titullohet “I love my country”, nje gare mes VIP-ash per kulturen e Shqiperise. Nderkohe Alban Dudushi, i cili moderon prej gati tete vitesh “Top Show-n”, do te mund te drejtoje dhe kete spektakel te ri me titull “Minute to win it”. Ky show eshte nje “loje televizive” amerikane qe transmetohet ne prime time nga 14 marsi i vitit 2010, i mbajtur nga Guy Fieri.

Pjesemarresit ne loje marrin pjese ne seri 60-sekondeshe, ku luajne per te fituar parate e vena ne dispozicion. Pas perfundimit te lojes, pjesemarresi mund te lere garen me nje shume parash te fituara, pervec nje pjesemarresi qe zgjidhet nga anetaret e tjere te skuadres, i cili duhet te vazhdoje deri ne kompletimin e lojes. Moderimi i lojtareve kerkon shpejtesi, per shkak se gjithcka bazohet ne 60 sekonda, ndaj jemi kureshtare te dime per ritmin qe do i jape show-t Alban Dudushi me nje eksperience te gjate ne debatet televizive. /panorama plus/
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[[ translation by google:
Alban Dudushi show with passionate gambling

It is hard game, after 60 seconds they take to play on a television screen, will need to win. "Top Channel" have started auditions for this season's newest spectacle, and said to be moderated by Alban Dudushi. After melting of the spectacle "The Sun", Jamie Shehu and Alban Dudushi will present two "driving" new international. Jamie spectacle Shehu called "I love my country," a contest between VIP-ash to the Albanian culture. Meanwhile Alban Dudushi, that moderates of nearly eight years of "Top Show-n", will be able to guide and this new show called "Minute to win it". This show is a "TV game" American broadcast in prime time from 14 March 2010, held by Guy Fieri. Participants in the game take part in the series of 60-second, where you play to win money made ​​available. After the game, the participant may leave the race with a lot of money earned, except to a participant who is elected by the other members of the team, which should continue until the completion of the game. Moderation requires players quickly, because everything is based on 60 seconds, so we are curious to know the pace that will give show-t Alban Dudushi with a long experience in television debates. / panorama plus / ]]

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