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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Albe Hamiti, nje tjeter shqiptare ne kopertinen e Vogue...

Albe Hamiti nje tjeter shqiptare ne kopertinen e VOGUE

Albe Hamiti eshte nje shqiptare e re ne moshe, e cila jeton se bashku me familjen ne Gjermani ku dhe ka arritur sukses te madh si modele kohet e fundit. Ylli i agjensise Tune Models, ka nje pamje per tu admiruar.E gjate 170, floke te kuqe dhe sy blu me nje aftesi shnderrimi dhe pershtatjeje prej kameleoni, Albe ka arritur te jete nje prej modeleve me te kerkuara ne Gjermani e dale ngadale dhe jashte saj. Ajo ka punuar dhe eshte shfaqur ne editorialet e disa prej revistave me te njohura te modes si Hype, Pose, Noblian, Sleek, GQ, Woman, Grazia, L'Officiel, M, Harper's Bazaar, Flair, Velvet, Avenuel, Madame, Dolce dhe sigurisht ate cka mund te quhet dhe suksesi me i madh i Albe, dalja ne kopertinen e muajit shtator te revistes VOGUE ne Gjermani.

Rreth gjashte vjet me pare, Albe vendosi qe te linte pas jeten ne qytetin e vogel ku u rrit dhe te udhetonte drejt Mynihut per te kerkuar nje karriere ne art. Fillimisht punoi si bariste ne klubin MP1 ne Mynih ku dhe bente pjese ne nje numer artistik te titulluar "Discotheather" (Teater Diskoje) i cili arriti ta beje Albe, nje prej emrave me te njohur te jetes se nates ne qytet.

Nje dite,krej rastesisht ajo do te zbulohej nga nje fotograf ne stacionin e trenit,i cili pasi i beri disa fotografi i rekomandoi qe te paraqitej ne nje agjensi modelesh, e me pas dihet se cfare ndodhi.Nga Gjermania, ne Itali, France, Kore, Kanada, Dubai, Kanada etj, ajo eshte nje nder modelet gjermane me te suksesshme te momentit, duke reklamuar per Dior, Cartier, Boss, Chanel etj.

Ne korrik te ketij viti, Albe eshte rikthyer per vizite ne Kosove ku syve te vemendshem nuk duhej ti kishte shpetuar bukuria e saj teksa festonte nen ritmet e muzikes ne nje prej klubeve me te njohur ne qytet :) /albaniac/
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[[ translation by google:
Albe Hamiti Albanian another on the cover of Vogue

Albe Albanian Hamiti is a new age, who lives with his family in Germany where he achieved great success as a model recently. Tune Models agency star, there is a view to be admiruar.E over 170, red hair and blue eyes with a capacity conversion and adjustment of the chameleon, Albee has managed to be one of the most sought after models in Germany and brought slowly and out her. She has worked and has appeared in editorials of some of the well-known fashion magazines such as Hype, Pose, Noblian, Sleek, GQ, Woman, Grazia, L'Officiel, M, Harper's Bazaar, Flair, Velvet, Avenuel, Madame, Dolce and of course what might be called a great success Albee, exit on the cover of September Vogue magazine in Germany.

About six years ago, Albee decided to leave behind life in the small town where he grew up and to travel to Munich to seek a career in art. Initially he worked as a barista in MP1 club in Munich where he was part of a series entitled artistic "Discotheather" (disco Theatre) who managed to do Albee, one of the most well-known night life in qytet.Nje day, all occasionally it will be discovered by a photographer in the train station, which once made ​​some recommended files to appear in a models agency, and then know what ndodhi.Nga Germany, Italy, France, Korea, Canada, Dubai, Canada, etc., it is one of the most successful German models of the moment, advertise for Dior, Cartier, Boss, Chanel, etc.

In July of this year, Albee has returned on a visit to Kosovo where attentive eyes had not had them saved her beauty as he celebrated under the rhythms of music in one of the most famous clubs in the city :) / Albaniac / ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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