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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Adelina Ismajli dhe Vali prap na kujtojne ciftin hollivudian

Ne Mars te ketij viti, Adelina dhe Vali pozuan per kopertinen e revistes "Anabel" dhe u "akuzuan" per kopjim te ciftit hollivudian Johnny Depp dhe Penelope Cruz ne nje poze identike qe ata ben per filmin "Blow".

Por ja qe ne kete foto, qe nuk ka te bej me ndonje poze te kopjuar, per nje moment na perkujtuan perseri ciftin e njejte Depp & Cruz , kesaj radhe nga filmi "Pirates of Caribbean" ku Vali ka te mbeshtjellur rreth kokes nje "facolete te zeze te pirateve" dhe eshte i ledhatuar nga e dashura e tij Adelina ne nje aventure te tyre bregdetare. /Albavipnews/
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Adelina Ismaili and Vali again remind us of hollyvudian couple. In March this year, Adelina and Vali posed for the cover of the magazine "Anabel" and "accused" for copying hollyvudian couple Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in a pose identical to they made for the movie "Blow". But here we are, in this picture, that has nothing to do with any duplicate shot, but for a moment reminded us again of the same couple Depp & Cruz, this time from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" where Vali tied black "pirate" scarf around his head, fondled by his girlfriend Adelina in a coastal adventure. / Albavipnews / ]]

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