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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Adelina Ismajli mban fjalim politik ne Gjermani

Adelina eshte shfaqur ne akademine perkujtimore kushtuar Kolonel Ahmet Krasniqit, te mbajtur ne Ahen te Gjermanise, jo per te kenduar por per te mbajtur fjalim politik, transmetojne mediat ne Kosove. Ithtarja e flaket e presidentit te ndjere Ibrahim Rugova dhe Lidhjes Demokratike, nen patronazhin e te ciles Lidhje ishte organizuar dhe kjo akademi, Adelina ka deklaruar se "te gjitha vrasjet politike ne Kosove duhet te zbardhen", duke e vleresuar kolonelin si nje njeri te madh.

Ne nje vrasje sa kriminele aq edhe politike, Adelina poashtu, ne vitin 2007, ka humbur ish-te dashurin e ndjere, policin e Njesise Speciale, Triumf Rizen. Ne fund te shtatorit te ketij viti, Enver Sekiraqa i cili akuzohet per vrasjen e policit, eshte arrestuar nga Eulex-i, derisa ai po udhetonte per ne Podujeve. Shpresojme, qe ky arrest te hedhe me shume drite mbi vrasjen makaber qe ndodhi pese vite me pare. /Albavipnews/

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[[ translation by google:
Adelina Ismaili holds political speech in Germany

Adelina has appeared in Academy memorial dedicated to Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi, held in Aachen, Germany, not to sing but to maintain political speech, broadcast media in Kosovo. People of the cast of the late President Ibrahim Rugova and the Democratic League, under whose patronage was organized and this academy, Adelina has stated that "all political killings in Kosovo should be white", Colonel appreciated as a great man.

In a murder as criminal as well as political, Adelina also, in 2007, lost ex-boyfriend felt, Special Unit Police Officer, Triumph Rizen. At the end of September this year, Enver Sekiraqa who is accused of killing a police officer, was arrested by EULEX, while he was traveling to Podujeve. We hope that this arrest to shed more light on the macabre murder happened five years ago. / Albavipnews / ]]

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