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Monday, 22 October 2012

Argjentina Ramosaj ne lidhje te re dashurie?

Argjentina e cila ka se paku gjashte muaj qe eshte ndare nga i fejuari i saj Valoni, duket se ka gjetur miqesi te ngushte me nje djale i cili poashtu eshte ndare nga e fejuara e tij. Fjala eshte per parukierin profesionist me mjaft ne ze, sidomos ne Kosove, Armend Gashi, njeherit pronar dhe themelues i sallonit te njohur Vogue Hair, sallon i preferuar i vipave.

Sipas "Prive"-s, Argjentina eshte pare e shoqeruar nga Armendi ne nje nga klubet e nates ne Prishtine, ku ai festoi ditelindjen. Behet fjale per nje intimitet qe eshte ndertuar ne mes te te dyve, qe na ben te mendojme se ketu ka dicka me shume se sa vetem miqesi.

Argjentina deri me tani nuk ka reaguar ndaj ketij lajmi, por Armendi ne nje interviste per "Shqiptarja", ka mohuar se ekziston dicka ne mes tyre, pervec miqesise.

"Une jam mjaft i afert me shume nga kengetaret qe jane pjese e klienteles time. Midis tyre edhe me Argjentinen. Madje e kam edhe shoqe shume te mire, me te cilen kam dale disa here, ashtu sic dal edhe me kengetare tjera qe i kam pervec kliente, edhe shoqe. Per momentin nuk ka asgje me shume.", ka thene Armendi.

Por, si thuhet "ku ka tym, ka edhe zjarr", duke u nisur nga fakti qe ne shume raste, lidhja nise se pari si nje miqesi e mire, rasti i fundit "Vesa & Big Basta". /Albavipnews/
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[[ translation by google:
Argentina Ramosaj about new love?

Argentina, which has at least six months, which is separated from her husband Valon, seems to have found close friendship with a boy who is also separated from his fiancée. Word is for the professional hairdresser with a lot of the voice, especially in Kosovo, Armend Gashi, owner and founder of Salon Vogue Hair Salon known preferred vipave.

According to the "Prive" s, Argentina is seen accompanied by Armendi in one of the nightclubs in Pristina, where he celebrated his birthday. It is about a closeness that is built between the two, which makes us think that there is something more than just friendship.

Argentina so far not reacted to this news, but Armendi in an interview for "Albanians", has denied that there is something between them except friendship.

"I'm very close to many of the singers who are part of my clientele. Among them also with Argentina. Indeed I have very good friends, with whom I brought some here, as out with other singers that I besides clients, and friends. the moment there is nothing more. "said Armendi.

But, as said, "where there is smoke, there is fire", considering the fact that in many cases, start first link as a good friendship, the last "Dew & Big Basta". / Albavipnews / ]]

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