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Monday, 5 November 2012

Adrian Hila dominon ne "Kenga Magjike 2012"

Kompozitori i njohur i shume hiteve shqiptare nga Tirana, Adrian Hila, kete vit dominon festivalin "Kenga Magjike" me gjithsejt tete kompozime. Dhe vlen te permendet fakti se te gjitha kompozimet e tij kane kaluar ne gjysmefinale.

Pas Adit vjen Darko Dimitrov me 5 kompozime, pastaj Elgit Doda dhe Alban Skenderaj me nga 4 kompozime. Stine kishte tri kompozime dhe vetem njera kaloi ne gjysmefinale, ndersa ai vet mbeti jashte gares.

Sa i perket teksteve, Big Basta dominon dukshem me 7 sosh. Alban Skenderaj i dyti me 5 tekste ndersa ne vendin e trete, Stine dhe Rozana Radi me nga 3 tekste.

Ne aranzhim, prape dominon Adrian Hila por kete radhe ndan vendin e pare me Darko Dimitrovin e Maqedonise, me gjithsejt 8 aranzhmane. Pas tyre vijne, Elgit Doda me 6 aranzhmane dhe Gent Myftaraj me 5 sosh.

Flori Mumajesi mungon plotesisht nga ky edicion, ndersa tre emra te njohur, Stine, Xhensila dhe Zajmina, nuk arriten te kualifikohen ne gjysmefinale, pasi mungojne ne listen e publikuar te gjysmefinalisteve. /Albavipnews/

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[[ translation by google:
Adrian Hila dominates in the "Magic 2012"

Known composer of many hits from Tirana Albanian, Adrian Hila, this year dominates festival "Magic" with a total of eight compositions. And it is worth mentioning the fact that all his compositions have spent in the semifinals.

After Adit comes Darko Dimitrov 5 compositions, then Elgin Doda and Alban Skenderaj with 4 compositions. Stine had three compositions and only one passed in the semifinals, while he himself was out of the race.

As far as textbooks, Big Basta dominates considerably 7 of them. Alban Skenderaj second with 5 texts while in third place, Stine and Rozana Radi of 3 texts.

We arrangement, again dominates Adrian Hila but this time shares first place with Darko Dimitrov of Macedonia, with a total of 8 arrangements. After arriving, Elgin Doda 6 arrangements and Gent Myftaraj with 5 of them.

Gold Mumajesi completely absent from this edition, while three famous names, Stine, Xhensila and Zajmina, failed to qualify in the semifinals, after missing on the list of published semifinalisteve. / Albavipnews / ]]

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