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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Agnesa Vuthaj: Aventurat e mia ne Filipine per 100 Vjetor

Missin e Kosoves, Agnesa Vuthaj, e gjen Festa e Nentorit ne Manila te Filipineve.

Ajo ka shkuar atje per te shoqeruar perfaqesuesen e Kosoves, Ajshe Babatinca, ne konkursin nderkombetar te bukurise "Miss Earth 2012". Me sakte, Angesa udheheq Agnesa Vuthaj Association qe ka mundesuar perfaqesimin e Kosoves, per te pesten here, ne kete eveniment.

Por aventura e saj nuk mbaroi vetem tek "Miss Earth 2012", pasi ajo ka shfrytezuar rastin te bej nje jete ekstra aventuriere ne kete skaj te botes, duke festuar 100 Vjetorin ne nje menyre te vecante. Eshte argetuar duke shetitur neper jahte luksoze sic shihet edhe ne kete foto qe ne zbuluam, ndersa nuk i iku edhe koncerti i Jennifer Lopezit qe u mbajt me daten 26 nentor ne Manila.

Duam ta pyesim bukuroshen kur te kthehet se kush gjendet prapa kameres se fotografimit, dhe mos ka ndryshuar dicka ne statusin e saj personal. /Albavipnews/

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[[ translation by google:
Agnesa Vuthaj: My Adventures in the Philippines for 100 Annual

Kosovo's missin Agnesa Vuthaj, finds Holiday November in Manila Philippines.
She went there to accompanied Kosovo perfaqesuesen, Ajshe Babatinca, international beauty contest "Miss Earth 2012". Rather, Anges leads Agnesa Vuthaj Association has enabled the representation of Kosovo, for the fifth time in this event.

But her adventure ended not only to "Miss Earth 2012", as it has used the occasion to make an extra adventurous life in this corner of the world, celebrating the 100th Anniversary in a special way.

Is argetuar travel throughout luxury yachts as seen in this picture that we found, and left not even Jennifer Lopez's concert that was held on November 26 in Manila.

Want to ask bukuroshen when back who is behind the camera shooting, and has not changed something in her personal status. / Albavipnews / ]]

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