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Monday, 5 November 2012

Jonida Vokshi: Ja pse hoqa dore nga "VIP Shpija"

Jonida VokshiEmri i bukuroshes Jonida Vokshi u perfol ne fillim si vajza qe do te moderonte spektaklin "VIP Shpija", por me pas, gjerat ndryshuan dhe vendin e saj e zuri Albana Osmani, e cila sapo kishte mbaruar me "Poke".

Arsyet pse kjo ndodhi, nuk u moren vesh ate kohe, por ja qe tani, Jonida vete, ka treguar ne nje interviste per "Bluetooth" arsyet pse ajo nderroi mendje.

Jonida, qe e njohim me shume si imazh te DigitAlb-it, ka studjuar 4 vite regji teatri, ndersa asaj i erdhi nje oferte qe ajo nuk mund ta refuzonte.

Behet fjale per projektin "Klani i te divorcuarave" me regji te Inis Gjonit, ku Jonides i eshte ofruar te luaj krahas Romir Zalles, Adriana Tolkes dhe Orsi Vagjelit. Ajo tregon se nuk kishte mundesi t'i perballonte te dyjat, ndersa puna ne teater duket te kishte pasur me shume prioritet per te, derisa ka ne plan qe ne te ardhmen te sjell edhe nje projekt te vetin teatror. /Albavipnews/

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[[ translation by google:
Jonida Vokshi: That's why I gave up the "VIP Shpija"

Jonida Beauty Vokshi name was mentioned in the beginning as the girl who will be moderating the spectacle "VIP Shpija", but then things changed and it took place Albana Osmani, who had just finished with "Poke".

The reasons why this happened, it was agreed at the time, but that now, Jonida itself has indicated in an interview for "Bluetooth" reasons why she changed his mind.

Jonida, you know more as to DigitAlb's image, has been studying 4 years of directing theater, and she came an offer she can not refuse.

It is about the "Clan divorced", directed by John Inis where Jonides has been offered to play along Romir Zalles, Adriana Tolkes and Orsi Vagjelit. It shows that there was likely to afford both, while working in the theater seems to have had more priority to, while we plan in the future to bring a project of his own theater. / Albavipnews / ]]

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